Thursday, December 13, 2012

WANTED: Burglar

No, this is not a Help Wanted ad.

Friend of yours?

Please help the Marengo-area business owner find this man who burglarized burglarized the Full Moon Saloon located at 22418 W. Grant Highway (Route 20) in Marengo. The burglary took place at 2:04 a.m. Tuesday, November 6th.

The following was received from one very involved and concerned citizen in Marengo.

"The Full Moon Saloon closed at 1:00 a.m. on the night of November 6th, 2012. At 2:04 a.m., the surveillance cameras detected this man breaking in through a window using a tire iron, and just a few minutes later, exiting the building. In just a matter of minutes, he managed to find the 85 lb safe, get back to the window, pull out a barstool to set down the safe, climbed out the window, then reached back in to grab the safe before leaving. The speed at which this burglary occurred seems to imply he had found what he was looking for with the greatest of ease. This information reveals that he knew exactly what to look for and how to find it.

"The vehicle used in this burglary appeared to be a small truck. Stolen from the lounge was approximately $6,000 in cash other valuables.

"The owner of the Full Moon gave her full permission to write to her network with this information and is asking for your help. This owner believes this burglary was not an inside job, but rather "someone close to those who know the bar." She provided the photographs above from her surveillance cameras, and I assured her that our network of over 200 citizens in the Marengo area would look closely to see if this "not so masked" man could be identified.

"This thug is approximately 5' 8" tall. He wasn't smart enough to cover his face well with his mask, so he could easily be identified if you know him." In another photograph from the security system, you can clearly see a crook in this man's nose. "Keep in mind, infrared camera photographs have a tendency to appear brighter in color, less shadows appear on the face than normal. Further research shows that the infrared makes the face younger in appearance than it actually may be.

"Also, according to the detective working this case, another bar in Hebron was burglarized this week on December 12th. The burglar wore the same mask, same coat, tire iron and basically identical face. Please share this photo with as many people as possible and perhaps we can get this burglar identified and get him stopped.

"If anyone has any information regarding this individual or about the incident, please call the McHenry County CrimeStoppers Tip Line at  800-762-7867, or the McHenry County Sheriff’s Office at  815-338-2144 , or email: Callers can remain anonymous and may be eligible for a reward up to $1,000 for information leading to an arrest. CrimeStoppers does not use caller ID."

My only question is, why did it take more than a month for the photos to surface? They should have been available the next day!

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