Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Illegal driver avoids ticket - 9048 ZP

The last time I had a driver ticketed for a stunt like this, prosecution began collapsing when I first reported it to Woodstock P.D. So I saved myself some time and a trip to the courthouse today, when this driver passed me.

I first noticed this vehicle (red Ford pick-up, Illinois license 9048 ZP) in Crystal Lake, when he zipped up the outside lane on U.S. 14, just west of IL 176 this morning just before 10:30AM. He was passing a string of slower-moving cars and nosed into the inside lane at the lane drop. Then he began tailgating me in the 35MPH zone before the light at Ridgefield.

The tailgating continued in the 40MPH and 50MPH zone and past MCC. Ongoing traffic kept the driver from passing me in passing zones, even though I was maintaining the speed limit. He followed me closely at several points and appeared to be looking for a passing opportunity.

Then, just west of Lily Pond Road, the driver took advantage of a gap in eastbound traffic and cruised around me. No matter the brightly-painted lines for the no-passing zone.

He caught a red light at Doty Road, where I could confirm his license plate. Then again on Lake Avenue at Route 47, where I got a good look at the driver. I wondered, if I sicced the Woodstock cops on him,  would they find him to be an illegal alien and then impound his vehicle and jail him, resulting in an ICE hold and risk of deportation? Oh, what the heck. Feliz Navidad, SeƱor.


John Lovaas said...

Excellent example of distracted driving- a vehicle operator photgraphing a passing vehicle while in motion.

Gus said...

Let's see, John. I was within the speed limit, steady in my lane, not tailgating. Didn't even look at the image. That's why they call these cameras "point-and-shoot".

Do you ever tune your radio, adjust your mirror, read street signs, change CDs, make a cell phone call, read a text (heaven forbid!), while you are driving? Read a map? How about drinking coffee or pop? Or a little dashboard dining? Ever?

It isn't distracted driving that kills. It's the crash.

John Lovaas said...

I don't take photographs while I'm driving. I view it as equivalent to texting while driving.

I find radio distracting, and I don't have a CD player. Eating in the car results in a mess in the car- avoid it at all costs. If I have to read a map or make a call, I pull over. My eyes aren't as good as they used to be when I was 20.

Distracted driving is one the likliest errors that can cascade into an accident. Driving with a BAC of .30 doesn't kill either- but would be a spectacularly ignorant statement to make.

I'm just laughing at all your posts taking deputies to task using cell phones while driving. They are "within the speed limit, steady in (their) lane, not tailgating"- just like you!

Gus said...

Then there was the day several years ago when the blue, unmarked squad car of Woodstock P.D. was westbound on Calhoun St. in front of Stewart Cleaners.

In the middle of the two-lane roadway, as in "in the center of the roadway", while the driver read the in-car computer. Had there been oncoming traffic, there would have been a head-on collision. Then he looked up and steered back onto the right-hand side of the road.

Scratching your nose could be called a "distraction". So could covering your mouth, while you sneeze. A distraction is only a problem, if it causes a traffic violation.

Know better said...

Don't you all get it. Gus can do it, but nobody else can.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Johnny L is a pretty safe driver to me. I usually have only 3 types of distractions when cruising in my Rustbucket: 1. reach'n for a cold slice of pizza; 2. popping the top of a 12 ouncer without the suds foaming all over; and 3. turning on/off my AM radio. DOH!

Gus said...

Gus can do "what"?