Friday, December 21, 2012

Got my 2¢ worth at the courthouse

When I arrived at the McHenry County Government Center (courthouse) this afternoon, there was only a short line at security.

After uncluttering myself of cell phone, pen, car keys, cell phone holster (errr, case) and whatever else I had in my pockets and placing my coat and notebook on the conveyor belt through the "I'll-see-everything-else" scanner, I prepared to walk through the upright security device. As I stepped forward, I saw two pennies on the floor and picked them up.

I placed them on the counter by the security officer; after all, they weren't mine. (Was I on Candid Camera? If I picked them up off the floor and kept them, would I be arrested on a criminal misdemeanor theft charge?)

Imagine my surprise when there were handed to me with all my other items! The security officer's comment made me laugh. He said, "Now you've got my 2¢ worth!" And I did.


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