Monday, December 10, 2012

Trotter news - Page 1? 15? 100? anywhere?

How quickly last Wednesday's arrest of Illinois Sen. Donne Trotter has become "old news".

If it weren't for the internet, you'd have a hard time finding it. The newspapers are in the trash. Has everyone moved on?

Serious questions remain and ought to be in the news, such as

1. Was Trotter really at work as an armed security guard the night before he showed up at O'Hare with a small pistol in his carry-on luggage?

2. Has Trotter ever worked as an armed security guard?

3. Does he really work for Allpoints Security & Detective, Inc.? Meaning, does he work shifts? In uniform? Armed? Get paid? How much?

4. How many hours has he worked in the last 18 months for them or for any other security guard firm?

5. Does the position, if any, for which he apparently holds an Illinois PERC and authority to carry a gun while working, actually require him to be armed?

6. How many people "of influence" or "with connections" to hold the PERC and its corresponding license or permit to carry a gun while working actually work in those positions?

We "ordinary" citizens in Illinois cannot carry a gun, while working or at any other time. At least, many people think we cannot.

The State law, however, allows a person with a FOID card to "transport" an unloaded gun in a "container". The problem is the argument or disagreement you might face if stopped by a cop. He or she may not understand the law and may arrest the individual.

So, if I have an unloaded gun in a fannypack or zipper planner-type binder, with the ammo in that "container", and walk into Starbuck's or Angelo's, will my explanation that I am not violating the State law be good enough?

Or am I going to have to slug it out in court and then turn around and sue the officer and his department for false arrest? All at great expense, I add. Sure, I'll recover it all in court and make a lawyer rich and famous, but how long with that take?

Is Sen. Trotter going to skate on the charges? Will he claim that he didn't know the gun was there and so he did not "knowingly" violate any law?

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