Sunday, December 30, 2012

Beth Bentley - gone 136 weeks

As 2012 comes to a close, Beth Bentley has been missing for 136 weeks.

She vanished, probably on May 23, 2010, from southern Illinois. But only "probably". One person ought to know, for sure.

Two others ought to know, but no word from them has ever surfaced. Were they interviewed by Woodstock Police? By Mt. Vernon Police? By Jefferson County (Ill.) Sheriff's Department investigators?

Is there a strong chance that some people in Woodstock know what happened to Beth?

Who might know information that could help find her?

Her husband, Scott Bentley?
Her co-workers at Bentley's former law office location on Route 31 in McHenry?
Her buddies from Gus's Roadhouse?
Her party friends?
Her father?
Her brother, who works in Woodstock?

How can 2½ years pass and a missing-person investigation not be any further along that it apparently was at the end of the first week after she disappeared?

Have the cell phone records been analyzed in great detail by police detectives? Did they examine carefully the record of calls to and from all cell phones on the master account? Did they notice gaps? Absence of calls that should have been there?

Did they wonder why a 4:00PM Sunday call (the "last" call from Beth's phone) was so short? If Beth was calling from Mt. Vernon, and not from Wisconsin, did she not explain why she was not going to be in McHenry County for a birthday dinner with her father? Did police investigate when that dinner got canceled? And by whom?

Did Beth's phone really "ping" in McHenry County late on Sunday night, May 23?

Was there really a break-in at Scott Bentley's law office on the night of May 23? The McHenry Police Department has no report of it. If there was a break-in and if one of Beth's sons slept at the office, in case burglars returned, why don't the police know about it?

When was the last call from Beth to her children? If she was a "serial texter", did questions get answered about the infrequency of text messages after the time that her traveling friend and she reportedly left Woodstock on Thursday night? When is the last time that someone in Woodstock really heard her voice - live?

This case has now fallen off the radar of the Woodstock Police Department. It no longer reports monthly to the City Manager and City Council on its (in)activity. Out of sight, out of mind? The City Council has never demanded an answer about case progress.

Beth's disappearance is not gone from the minds of some in Woodstock!

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