Friday, December 28, 2012

NRA's National School Shield Program

What have you done this week to increase the safety and security for children returning to school on Monday, January 7, in Woodstock and McHenry County?

Leslie Schermerhorn, the new Superintendent of the McHenry County Regional Office of Education is mentioned in a Northwest Herald article this morning as forming a coalition for the safety of children in schools. Want to be part of this? Here is some unofficial contact information:

Leslie A. Schermerhorn -
Donna Kurtz -
Jim Heisler -
Ellyn Wrzeski -

Have you signed up for the NRA's National School Shield Program's information? Go to and sign up now.

Will anything be different on Monday, January 7, in your child's school? Have you received any communications from the school's principal or the school district's superintendent about steps they are implementing immediately to increase the safety for your child(ren) at school?

Visit the Facebook page set up to collect ideas. Go to; then in the Facebook search window, enter Mchenry County School Forum. (N.B., the spaces are important; if you run the words together, you won't find the page.) "Like" the page and wait for information to appear.

With all due respect to some of the persons who were quoted in the Northwest Herald article, "we" (the people of the United States) do not just keep having the same thing occur over and over again. We are a nation of 315,000,000 people. There are going to be people who are evil and do wrong things. Thanks to the media's bombarding us with extreme events, replayed continually, one might think it happens "over and over again"; it doesn't.

The media further adds fuel to the fire by attributing statements about "tighter restrictions on guns, especially assault rifles..." I'll venture a guess that an "assault rifle" was not used in any mass killing in the U.S. Assault rifles are already illegal, yet people keep clamoring for a ban on assault rifles.

One person was quoted as saying, "But there is much more of a tendency to bring weapons to school, particularly assault-type weapons..." She mixes the problem here by interjecting kids who take guns to school on a school day and mixing them in with a mass murderer who is not a student but who takes a weapon to school to kill students. And the media participates.

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