Monday, December 24, 2012

Guns – the next Civil War?

The rhetoric over guns, in the wake of the re-election of Obama and the killings in Newtown, is rising at a feverish pitch. Sides seem to be polarizing, and attacks are beginning to get personal, not just about the issues.

Will the issue of gun ownership in America become the next Civil War?

People are digging in their heels and not listening to the other side. Who said “Seek first to understand”?

It's not happening.

The idiots from Westboro Baptist Church either showed up in Newtown or thought better of it, after word of their intentions leaked out.

Obama didn't wait for the first funeral before he started pushing his anti-gun ban harder. Shame on him.  Maybe he could cancel his $4,000,000 vacation (on our money) in Hawaii and spend a little time thinking about the real problem in this country.

Hillary Clinton fell and reportedly had a concussion – not hard enough to cause her to be hospitalized, according to the media. So, how did she know she had a concussion? Was it a hard enough hit on her noggin to knock a little sense into her about the U.N. Gun Ban Treaty? Of course, that can't be her own agenda. Her boss is behind it. But the country isn't!

Obama has given Biden his marching orders. Come up with my plan – fast. Well, it's not “our” plan. It is not the plan for The People – unless he thinks President is supposed to mean King or Dictator.

I commend the NRA for standing down – temporarily.

We all grieve for Newtown, Connecticut. No one wants a repeat of that.

How about a ceasefire until January 1st?

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