Monday, December 10, 2012

Looking for employment?

After reading about Donne Trotter, I got to thinking that maybe a job as an armed security guard might be a good one. You know; wear a uniform; carry a gun; maybe get to drive around in a marked patrol vehicle... shake a few doors...

So I got to checking around on the "web" and found Morrison Security, Inc. Good! Jobs right here in the Chicago area. Hopefully, not in a southside housing project...  Maybe a cushy office in Hoffman Estates or, better yet, Crystal Lake...

I'd have to own my own gunbelt, holster and weapon. No problem.

One drawback is maybe having to drag all the way down to Alsip for an interview. Seventy miles; one-way. Man! One hundred forty miles for an interview? Maybe I'd better think about this a little more.

Let's see; how about a starting date?

Whoa! These guys are interviewing pretty far in advance, don't you think? I wonder if anyone applied...

From their website: "Start Date - March 01, 5201"

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