Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Here come da judge...

Thanks to Mike Tryon's e-newsletter, I know now that there are more than 150 new laws in Illinois to take effect in 2013. Heaven help us!!! Considering that there are 118 State Reps and ___ Senators, all wanting to get on the scoreboard with their own bills, somehow I think we the People are lucky that there are only "more than 150" new laws. Among them are

PA 97-784: Provides that ambulances involved in emergency service will no longer have to pay tolls.

(How many legislators own ambulance companies?)

PA 97-827: Improves transparency and public access to information by requiring public bodies to post meeting agendas which include an adequate description of the business to be conducted at a meeting. It also requires that public meeting notices be posted in locations that allow for continuous viewing for the 48 hours leading up to a meeting.

Note the word "continuous". This means the Merit Commission will have to start telling the public in advance what is going on.

PA 97-830: Expands the ban on cell phone use when driving in construction zones, making it illegal to use a cell phone in all construction zones rather than only in zones where a reduced speed limit exists.

Note: this probably applies in school zones, too.
Is this only hand-held cellphones or all cellphones? 

From PA97-830: 625 ILCS 5/12-610.1 (e) (Prohibition against cell phone use) does not apply to ... (iv) to a person using a wireless telephone in voice-operated mode, which may include the use of a headset, or (v) to a person using a wireless telephone by pressing a single button to initiate or terminate a voice communication.

PA 97-984: Provides that a motor vehicle used while driving on a suspended or revoked license is subject to seizure and forfeiture if the person’s driving privileges were revoked or suspended for a similar violation in another state if the offense involved operating the vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol, leaving the scene of a personal injury accident, refusing to submit to alcohol or drug testing, or reckless homicide.

PA 97-1049: Cracks down on parents or guardians who permit underage drinking on property they own. The new law makes it a crime to allow underage drinking not only at a parent’s or guardian’s home, but also on property under their control, including barns, cabins, boathouses, etc.

How many courts will assume the parents knew their kids were drinking in the barn out on the back forty acres?

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M.U.G. said...

Insanity at it's best. Only in Illinois.