Friday, December 7, 2012

Concealed Carry in Illinois?

Read what appeared in the past week about concealed carry in the publication "Medill Reports Chicago". Medill Reports is written and produced by graduate journalism students at Northwestern University’s Medill school. Medill is one of the schools within Northwestern University in Evanston, Ill.

This article, published on December 5, mentions HB 0148, sponsored by Illinois State Representative Brandon Phelps (D-118) and co-sponsored by McHenry County's State Representative Jack Franks (D-63)) is sitting on the shelf in the House Rules Committee. The author of the article wrote that this Bill is endorsed by the Illinois Sheriffs' Assn., the Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police,, the Chicago Police Lieutenants Assn. and the Chicago Police Sergeants Assn.

Could this Bill come up for a vote in the lame-duck session, before newly-elected State Representatives take office?

The NRA and ISRA must have their scoresheets and must be counting noses to decide whether to risk a vote soon. But, man, are they ever holding their cards close to their vests. Each organization has members who pay their dues and who want to know what's going on. Think we can find out? Nope!

A strong grass-roots effort could push concealed carry over the top in Illinois, but organizations don't want that.

The McHenry County Right-to-Carry Assn. is about to die. It quickly attracted members in its launch, but it never moved into the action stage. Leaders say they accomplished their goal, and that was to get Jack Franks on board. Jack is a co-sponsor of HB 0148, and he voted in favor of the bill before the sponsor pulled the bill, when he realized he was six votes short in May 2011.

While that was one goal, it wasn't the goal. THE goal was to get a good concealed carry law passed in Illinois, and that hasn't happened.

I, for one, want action. I can only take "talk" for so long. The Cook County Democrats who are blocking this Bill can be persuaded to change their votes, but the persuasion must come from their own constituents. Therefore, the proponents must figure out how to get to those constituents who are sick and tired of the slaughter in Chicago and Cook County and demand that their legislators take effective action.


Big Daddy said...

There will NEVER be ccw in Illannoy as long as you keep re-electing the Democraps.

Gus said...

It seems that way, but if only six more Democrats would have voted YEA in May 2011, then HB 0148 would have passed the Illinois House.

It was a lot closer than when I moved here in 1996.