Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Sandy Hook - mixed stories

Take five minutes and read this analysis of the Newtown, Connecticut, tragedy.

No doubt you too wondered how so many (all?) were shot with a rifle, when it was first reported that the rifle was found in the trunk of Lanza's car.

In the days of news becoming "old news" so quickly, few may linger on the facts and really question what is being fed to the public by the media. How is it that so many were killed and so few wounded? Could there really have been more than one shooter?

Columnist Niall Bradley begins to take apart and compare reports. Only when these questions are asked do the discrepancies surface. Otherwise, people get the news in one minute segment on TV and glance at news magazine covers and skim stories. How many actually sit and digest the news and think about it?


Maverick50 said...

Thank you Gus for posting this. I remember the TV news reported that an AR type weapon was found in the trunk of the car.
Very interesting.

Debra said...

Hi Gus...

I would be happy to send you more info about this and other lies that I cover on my web site.

Let me know how much truth you can take.... :)

Gus said...

Sure, Debra. What do you have?

Unknown said...

We ALL can agree that the "media" ONLY cares about being first, correct or not (see CNN's reporting). It was later said that the gun in the car was a shotgun, not another AR-15 Bushwacker or whatever they call it, a NON automatic weapon BTW.

Debra said...

Great Gus!
I will email you articles and videos as I receive them. :)