Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Proud NRA member

The NRA has my support.

I've got news for Pres. Obama, Gov. Cuomo, Mayor Bloomberg, Gov. Quinn, Mayor Emanuel, Illinois Senate President Cullerton, Illinois House Speaker Madigan. There is a reason for the NRA. It helps us to protect ourselves against you.

Any one of you can come to my door at any time, and we can have a polite conversation. Come on in armed, if you want to. No problem. I don't expect to be afraid of you. Don't get upset if I'm armed. I won't harm you. Leave your goons in the parking lot.

And those idiots marching on NRA headquarters today? They should stop and think what protects their right to gather (peaceably) and storm around shouting and waving their signs? The First Amendment.

And what guarantees the First Amendment? The Second Amendment. I wonder if they have ever thought of that?

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