Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The U.S. President is so wrong!

Obama is already cranking up his gun-control agenda, and it makes me sick! Sick!

Today it's gun shows. The Associated Press reports that Obama "...acknowledged that the Friday's deadly shooting had been 'a wake-up call for all of us'."

No, it was NOT a "wake-up call for all of us".

But he is using it to go after gun-show sales (what do they have to do with Newtown?) and everything else he doesn't like about guns.

The kid's mother legally purchased and legally owned her guns. Now it seems she was about to hospitalize her kid for mental health reasons. Is that why he killed her and went on a shooting rampage?

This country should fear its president. What a shame to even think such a thing! But it is becoming clearer and clearer to me. And not only fear the president, but fear the Illinois Governor, Senate President, House Speaker and Mayor of Chicago.

It is feeling more and more like it's time to clear out of this rotten State and find a place where people and their rights are respected.


Maverick50 said...

Is it not his responsibility to PROTECT the Constitution... NOT DESTROY IT? Impeach him PLAIN AND SIMPLE... Before he destroys this once proud country.

Nick C said...

The lines are being ever more clearly drawn in the effort to understand the root causes of violence in America. You should fear Barack Obama, because he will lead our country out of the culture of violence we are presently mired in, and toward an era of new enlightenment. If you cannot see the wisdom and dignity of life without firearms, then by all means, leave.

JOHN said...

These kind of extreme comments are are not helpful. If gun owners( I am one ) want to protect their gun rights they need to join in a rational conversation and not spew nut job comments.

Maverick50 said...

Nick C, You are as blind as any liberal I've met. I asked a question and also stated a FACT! Try answering the question.

JOHN said...

MAV50 You need a dictionary. It will explain the difference between fact and opinion.

Maverick50 said...

Under the Constitution, the Founders made the President, first and foremost, responsible for ensuring America's national security.
Which includes the Constitution!

Better to have an opinion than totally ignorant! Dispute the facts!