Monday, December 31, 2012

County Compensation explained

This morning I was directed to the source of the County employee pay information on McHenry County Blog.

Cal Skinner is doing a great job of putting out the numbers for all to see what is being paid to County employees. In addition to the name, he is publishing the Budgeted Salary and Total (Pay and certain benefits). For me (and for others) there were questions about what was included in Total.

Here's the answer. The County is obligated under state law to publish certain information within 30 days after it is approved. In McHenry County, official decided to publish the information for all employees, not just those making over $75,000 in pay and benefits.

First, the source. To view the published information, go to
Click on Departments
Click on H
Click on Human Resources
Click on Employee Compensation Report (you may need to scroll down to it)

Notice the columns in the Report:
Job Title
Budgeted Salary
County-share Health Insurance
County-share Dental Insurance
Vehicle Allowance
Clothing Allowance
Sick Days
Vacation Days

These figures are  the ones that are budgeted. This is looking into the future of the year ahead. These are not figured that have already been paid or spent.

NOTE: Overtime is not included in the Total column. While overtime is estimated and budgeted elsewhere, it doesn't show up in these numbers. Also, note that pension or retirement plan contributions are not shown.

Many thanks for the phone call this morning.


Unknown said...

Glad you were able to clear this up. It didn't make sense to me that they would be showing overtime earned in the second row, looking at the names and jobs done, and how so many were exactly the same.

Gus said...

Thanks, Jim. The scary part will be looking at the total compensation actually paid, if the annual total incomes are ever published anywhere.

M.U.G. said...

Something seems fishy as I don't think the County pays anywhere near 20K or 15K for they're share of the health insurance. If so that would be a very nice insurance package for employee's.