Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Illinois - never concealed carry?

When I read the news yesterday of the decision about concealed carry for Illinois by the U.S. Court of Appeals, 7th Circuit, I remembered a phone call to the McHenry County Sheriff's Department shortly after I moved to Woodstock in March 1996.

I had called MCSD after first calling the Woodstock P.D. to ask how to get a concealed weapons permit.

The Woodstock officer was polite and suggested I call the sheriff's dept.

I was connected to a deputy there. When I asked my question, he laughed out loud and said, "You'll never get a concealed weapons permit in Illinois." Now, he didn't mean that I (personally) wouldn't.

Then, over the years, I came to understand what he meant.

Well, getting a permit is in sight now. Almost. Let's say that it's still over the horizon, but it's there. Somewhere.

The hurdles now are 1. Will the Court of Appeals decision be appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court? 2. Will a fair law be enacted? 3. Or will the naysayers and obstructionists interfere so greatly that we'll end up with a law that

a. calls for a $1,000 annual fee for a permit;
b. a 500-hour training course;
c. a $10,000,000 personal liability insurance policy, premiums payable five years in advance and purchased from a Cook County insurance agent who is a Democrat;
d. weapons can only be carried with a trigger lock installed and the key carried in a separate lockbox on the person, requiring another key;
e. a range score of 98% at 75 yards on a paper target blowing in a 20MPH crosswind;
f. permit is only good on the fifth Tuesday of the month and in a car northbound in the southbound lanes of Lake Shore Drive between 2:00-5:00AM when there is a full moon.
g. your last name doesn't start with P.


Joseph Monack said...

XD True and true Gus. Well said.

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