Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Who sold the drugs?

At tonight's school board meeting I got to thinking about the two 16-year-old Woodstock High School students who died in a single-car crash on July 1. Each had marijuana in his system.

So the question is, where did they get it? Am I the first to ask this question? Am I the only one to ask?

The crash on Davis Road, west of Stieg Road, was investigated by the McHenry County Sheriff's Department traffic squad which, as I understand it, has since been disbanded. It took them a couple of weeks to identify the driver of a car who allegedly was drag-racing with the car that crashed.

Daniel "Potatoe" Huber has been charged with numerous traffic violations. Huber had met with Jacob Norys and Alec Kaiser shortly before the 2:00AM crash at the Mobil gas station on Route 47, south of U.S. 14. A Woodstock police officer talked to Norys and Kaiser, but apparently the officer did not question their age or that neither could legally operate a motorcycle at that hour.

Woodstock PD has not identified that officer. (I have the name.) Let's hope the P.D. has by now obtained a complete written statement from that officer of the exact nature of his contact with Norys and Kaiser. I strongly suspect they will need that statement, should one or both of the families sue the City of Woodstock.

Huber had a court date last week, and his next court date will be February 7.

I mentioned the presence of drugs and this crash to the Woodstock District 200 School Board tonight. Because it happened outside of school hours, they are not taking any interest in it.

Somebody knows where Norys and Kaiser were buying their drugs. And they know for how long. Are the families investigating? Will they go after the dealers? Will the people who know, help the police arrest the dealers?

How many students at Woodstock High School and Woodstock North High School use drugs (or alcohol)? How many middle students in Woodstock use drugs? How many elementary students?

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