Monday, January 7, 2013

Microsoft Help: A+

Today I called Microsoft for Help. Did I ever need it!

And I got it. I got First Class help from Nakul Rana, in New Delhi, India. I had purchased and installed Office 2010 on my year-old laptop on Saturday, so that I could get busy and finish a book on hypnotherapy.

When I went to open Outlook, I ran into questions for which I had no answers, and I called for Help. The Tech Rep knew exactly what to tell me to do. He was patient with me while I juggled my computer, phone and wired internet connection (okay, keep laughing), and we got Outlook configured so I could send email from it.

Then I asked him for helping moving my 5,000 contacts in the old Outlook to my new computer, and he stuck right with me. He was able to connect remotely and perform some of the steps, but some I had to do here, and I appreciated his patience.

And everything works! Thank you, Mr. Nakul Rana. You are terrific!

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