Monday, January 21, 2013

Glenview gun-grabbers meeting

The Illinois State Rifle Association issued a statement today that included the following description of a meeting held yesterday at the Glenview (Ill.) Police Department, to which it was moved, reportedly, because space at the Glenview Library was estimated to be too small.

"Thanks go out to everyone who attended the gun control meeting in Glenview on Sunday.  It was good to hear that gun-rights supporters’ numbers were so overwhelming that the fire department had to restrict admittance to the auditorium.  So many gun rights supporters showed up so early that gun controllers got locked out of their own meeting!  We have heard from a few people who had never been to such a meeting in the past.  They were shocked at the level of disrespect for the U.S. Constitution displayed by the gun-controllers who organized the event.  One attendee compared the hatred for American traditions spewed by the gun-controllers to the rhetoric he heard from Taliban prisoners he guarded in Afghanistan.  Our people were shocked further by the unabashed lies and misconceptions about private firearm ownership that were pushed by the gun-controllers who spoke.  The impression that one attendee took away from the meeting was that the gun-controllers hate law-abiding firearm owners more than they dislike the people who commit violent crimes.  Again, thanks to everyone who turned out for the Glenview event.  The gun controllers need to understand that preservation and protection of gun rights is not a joke to us and that we will challenge them every time they attempt to attack the constitution."

The ISRA notice did not identify the "gun controllers" who organized the meeting.

Perhaps their names and addresses should be published, so that "polite" communications could be sent to them with what to expect if the criminals attempt to take over Glenview.


Unknown said...

The pro-gun attendees did what law abiding citizens are allowed to do- they organized a PEACEFUL assembly respectfully organized to their agenda. The anti-gun organizers were so hell bent to force their agenda they even refused to stand when the pro Second Amendment Patriots started the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance. If you disrespect the pledge it is not hard to believe they would also disrespect the rights of citizens contained in the Second Amendment. joe licari

Gus said...

Joe, thanks for your comment. You added an element not found in the news reports - about the disrespect to the Flag. I agree; if they will ignore the Pledge, they will ignore Rights.