Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Plea deal, no jail

I usually don't swear, but WTH

Let's see; your male friend just stole some marijuana. The victim chases your friend to your car. When you start to drive away, the victim jumps on the hood of your car. You gun it. He falls off and hits his head on the ground. You drive away. A few days later the victim dies.

The date was May 20, 2012, and the location was on Lawndale Avenue in Woodstock, just a few blocks from the Woodstock Square.

Supposedly John Kurchina stole 1/8 oz. of marijuana. Joe Woodell chased him when Kurchina ran to Hanna Schacht's car.

What happened in Judge Condon's court yesterday? The judge accepted a plea deal that had been arranged between the Office of the McHenry County State's Attorney and Schacht's lawyer, Michael McNerney.

Schacht pled guilty yesterday to misdemeanor theft of less than $500. She wasn't even the one who stole the marijuana. The charge against her of failing to report an accident involving a death was nolle prossed.

What will it cost her, besides legal fees? The fine, court costs and fees totaled up to $1,070. She will be tested for drugs in urine drops and has to go to drug addiction treatment. Judge Condon sentenced her to 120 days in Hotel Nygren but put it on hold. And one-year conditional discharge.

If she can keep her nose clean for a year, she is out from under the cloud.

Joe Woodell didn't die because he chased Kurchina out of the house. He didn't die because he jumped on Schact's car. He died because she gunned the engine, and he fell off the moving car.

Why did the State's Attorney make such a deal, and why did Judge Condon accept it? Was the case so weak that Judge Condon wouldn't give her at least some jail time? How do you deter others?

As I said at the top, WTH. What the hell???


hockeyman99 said...

I'd gun the engine if someone jumped on hood of my car, how else are you supposed to get them off. Sounds like she was scared for her life!

hockeyman99 said...

I'd gun the engine and take off too, how else do you get someone off your car hood? She was probably scared of what he might do. It's unfortunate he died for less than $30 worth of pot, but he took the risk jumping onto a car too.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

These people knew what they were going to do so she shouldn't have been scared for her life don't go and try to Rob people and expect them to do nothing. She didn't have to hit the gas pedal but she CHOSE to. That's my family, I never got to say good-bye. Ill never get to see him smile at me again or talk fir hrs about the girl he once loved. He was harmless he slept played world of warcraft and hungout with friends. That sounds like someone to be afraid of. She didn't get charged with anything related to his death no one did. How is that even possible the car didn't drive itself. Instead she gets theft!? She didn't even take the pot!!?? So now family and friends suffer the loss of a twin,brother, son and an amazing friend and fir what....pot? 30$$$$ you've got to be kidding me she gets a misdemeanor. If I were to go hit someone with my truck right now id get hit with more than that. There's git to be some justice. They WOULD HAVE BEEN lucky to go to jail now the end result of this case just pissed a ton of people off who were already suffering a loss. Was it money?? I wanna know who's doing who favors here bc this is an outrage. Id give anything to have Joe back here with us. I can't believe they just let these MURDERERS walk in public again. Sickening absolutely sickening!!

Unknown said...

This same woman just killed another man in Wisconsin. Drunk driving. He was a good friend. Nothing else I can say....

Unknown said...

If was in jail for this crime like she have been but no she got a way with it my uncle would still be alive. Google her name she killed uncle 9-15-2013 drunk driving. Shame on that judge : (

Unknown said...

Yes she killed my uncle drunk driving 9-15-2013. If she would of be held accountable for her actions in this case he would still be alive. Shame on that judge