Wednesday, January 16, 2013

MCSD - disparity in treatment

Are all employees treated equally? After all, the McHenry County Sheriff's Department spends big bucks on a position that may be no longer legally required. And it's filled by an attorney only because that was the person the sheriff wanted to hire and why he wrote the job description and qualifications as he did. But do employees benefit from that the existence of that position?

A corrections officer may have been fired yesterday as the result of some off-duty activity that  resulted in criminal charges against him late last year. Keep in mind that his case hasn't gone to trial. But MCSD has gotten rid of him. Will this be another lawsuit quickly filed in Rockford?

Another employee, a deputy, was charged with State felonies a year ago and with Federal felonies later in the year, and he apparently is still an employee. Sgt. Greg Pyle is still held in custody on a no-bond jailing in Boone County (Ill.) Jail.

Pyle was paid until about August (it's still unclear whether he was drawing salary or receiving unused sick and vacation pay from January to August). When he was arrested on the Federal charges, it "coincidentally" occurred on the day his payments from MCSD ran out.

According to the Boone County Jail today, Pyle is still in custody on the Federal charges.

Pyle had a court date in McHenry County last week, on January 10. His next court date in McHenry County is March 6, when hearings will be held on a habeus corpus motion and on a request to dump Judge Gordon Graham.

Sheriff Nygren said back in August that he was going to "let" Pyle resign. Nice, huh? Pyle was one of the favored at MCSD; what could he know that a lot of people outside MCSD would like to know?
Should Nygren fire Pyle, he would have to take it to the Merit Commission; he hasn't. Should Pyle submit a resignation, that has to go to the Merit Commisson. The Merit Commission has never considered a resignation request from Pyle. So it appears Pyle is still an employee.

I wonder what the Equal Opportunity Employment "officer" of the MCSD has to say about such disparity in treatment of employees. What employee would be brave enough to ask him?


John Lovaas said...

If he collected vacation pay or salary in 2012, wouldn't his name appear on this list?

Even if he had 1 day of vacation pay and no salry in 2012, it would be on this list, yes?

Gus said...

John, this list behind the link is what the Sheriff's Department has budgeted to pay for the year ahead, rather than a list of actual compensation that was paid.

It is hard to know from this sheet when the Fiscal Year-End is, although it reads FY 2011-12. If FY 2012 starts in 2012 (and ends in 2013), then Pyle wouldn't be on it.

John Lovaas said...

The document is current as of November 11, 2012, and is for FY 2011-2012; the county's FY ends in November. The PDF file was generated in December of 2012. So no, it doesn't reflect any 'year ahead.'

So if Pyle used any vacation days or drew any salary between November 2011 and November 2012, where is it reported?

Gus said...

I don't have the answer to your question about Pyle's pay, John. You might call an administrator at McHenry County for the information.

On Line 2 at the top of the Report, it states that the Report contained projected numbers.

John Lovaas said...

The county's website states when the end of the FY is- Nov. 30.

These numbers were published on November 1, 2012. The county's FY 2011-2012 ended Nov. 30, 2012. The annual salaries and number of vacation days are projected because the document was produced 29 days before the end of the FY. The numbers presented in the report represent 11 months of actual wages and vacation time usage, and one month of estimates or extrapolations.

Anonymous said...

Correctional officers who worked and retired in 2012 are not on the lists, so presumably Pyle would not be either.