Friday, January 25, 2013

Who shoots on sheriff's range?

Who gets to shoot on the shooting range of the McHenry County Sheriff's Department?

Who should get to shoot there? Or, better, who should not get to shoot there?

Should civilian employees, even highly-favored ones, be able to shoot at the range? Should an office employee be able to get in range time? Would that employee drive to the range in her take-home department car and go on "company" time?

Should that employee be required to observe all range safety requirements, such as fore-finger off the trigger, when distracted on the firing line?

Was the civilian employee using Department firearms and ammunition? Did the employee even have a FOID card?

What is the County's liability if a civilian is injured at the range?

Do you suppose that there are CALEA standards that prohibit visitors to the range?


Unknown said...

Now you are saying that not only does she (whom is STILL un-named from the LAST blog) gets to use the sheriff's range? AT the very least, it's a highly controlled area (yes, I remember that a deputy got hurt by a bullet defect). So, I'll ask you again; WHO is this civilian woman? Name names, if there are any. and enough of this guessing game you play with the public

Maverick50 said...

What did it cost?
How much is it used (Days, Hours)?
Who uses it now?

Gus said...

Sorry, Maverick. You and I can't shoot there.

Unknown said...

Since I don't own a handgun (yet), I can't or don't shoot there either. Gus, have you asked anyone there if you could use the range? I, too, doubt you'd get a "yes" either, but still waiting for the name of this woman who has all these perks, at the taxpayers expense, and/or what department she works in at the sheriff's office and or for whom. Maybe she has a concealed carry permit that the department is helping her maintain. Are answers forthcoming from your source/you, or are we to wait as long as you say you have to wait to get an answer from them?

Gus said...

Jim, if you are in McHenry County, come to the gun show at the Woodstock VFW on Sunday, on Throop St. near Judd St. Starts at 8AM. $5 gets you in.

Could I use the range? (You're not from McHenry County, are you?) They'd ask me to stand downrange and hold the target.

The woman doesn't have a concealed carry permit. Illinois doesn't issue them. Chicago Aldermen carry concealed weapons, but who would dare arrest them?

Answers will come...

Clem Kadiddlehopper said...

If even a dime of federal funding went to build the range, by federal law (10 USC 4309) that range MUST BE MADE AVAILABLE for use by the general public.

"4309. Rifle ranges: availability for use by members and civilians

(a) Ranges Available.—All rifle ranges constructed in whole or in part with funds provided by the United States may be used by members of the armed forces and by persons capable of bearing arms."

This statute was passed in order to facilitate the availability of the public to gun ranges that they paid for, via their taxes.

If federal funds were used to build that range, then the sheriff and County have no choice but to allow the public to use it.

The County Board should be contacted and lobbied to allow the general public to access the range, even if no federal funds were used to construct it.

Why? Because the citizens of McHenry County paid for it with their taxes!

Gus said...

Clem, great point. THANK YOU.

Maybe MCSD will just leave the key for the lock on the gate under a rock and "the light on for you (us)."

Stingray said...

The MCSD could make some money by letting us use the range for a fee or memberships. I doubt they use the range every day.

Maverick50 said...

Great to know Glem. Stingray, No, our taxes paid for it. I see no provisions in the statement above that claims we have to pay twice. Even though we pay taxes 1,2,3.... times tax on the same item (a 2x4 in our home).

SillyGus said...

I'd just like to know...who actually cares? Do you really have so little in your life that you care who shoots at the counties range?..that's sad.

Poor guy,

Gus said...

Silly, the issue is whether a person with no proper reason for being at the range is there. It is a County facility, set up and paid for by the sheriff's department for training , practice and qualification.

If it is open to civilian employees of the sheriff's department or family members, then it should be open to the public.