Wednesday, January 16, 2013

3 cops busted by the DEA

The Daily Herald is reporting that three Schaumburg PD cops have been busted.

They were members of the PD's Special Investigations Bureau. What better place to learn all about drugs, alcohol, gangs and prostitutes. Right?

They weren't rookies, either. How about service of five to 23 years, and earning the big bucks at $84,000/year. Obviously, for some those aren't the "big" bucks.

Just imagine tha dozen DEA agents swooping in on the Schaumburg PD. I wonder if the chief knew they were coming...

Thanks to the DEA. Don't forget about McHenry County, guys. Remember your arrests that got spoiled last summer when a confidential investigation "just happened" to slip out, out this way?

Psst, there are drugs in McHenry County. Come and get 'em! And don't tell anybody you are coming.

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