Friday, January 18, 2013

County Board votes down referendum proposal

At a Special Meeting this morning, the McHenry County Board voted down a proposal to place a referendum on the April ballot about popular election of the Chairman.

Twenty Board members (of the 24) were present, which meant 11 votes would decide the fate of the referendum.

Public comment was offered by one person before the Board discussion began.

Considerable discussion about the proposal centered on incomplete information being available on which to decide. A number of Board members voiced the willingness to have the question decided by voters, but there were questions about the cost, effectiveness, duration of such an elected chairperson's tenure, the rush to consider the question and other concerns.

More than a few of the Members said they were against such an election by the voters and would actively campaign against it if it appeared on the ballot, but that they were willing to vote Yes today to get the issue before the voters.

When the rollcall on the vote was taken, 11 voted against it; 9 voted for. The question will not appear on the April ballot.

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