Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Salerno charge upgraded to felony

On Thanksgiving McHenry County Sheriff's Department Corrections Officer Jeffrey (or Jeffery) Salerno apparently got into it at home, with the result that he was arrested and charged with misdemeanor domestic battery.

An Order of Protection was issued, which required Salerno to surrender firearms.

It's pretty hard to work as a Corrections Officer without a firearm, because some COs transport inmates outside the jail, and his lawyer got right into court for some relief from a judge, so that Salerno could keep working. Apparently, those in the Sheriff's Department didn't take the charges all that seriously, because Salerno stayed on the job.

A check of court records today indicates that one of the charges was upgraded to felony, and on January 9 Judge Caldwell issued a warrant for Salerno's arrest after Grand Jury action. Salerno bonded out with $6,500, which indicates a Bail of $65,000 at the standard 10%-and-release procedure.

With the new felony charge, Salerno ought to be on administrative leave.

In mid-December the Northwest Herald reported that Salerno had been arrested for violating the Order of Protection (OP). The OP was vacated on December 19th, but the charges for the violation are still pending.

If you search Court records at www.mchenrycircuitclerk.org, search by Last Name only, because there is confusion in court records as to the correct spelling of his first name. Is it Jeffrey or Jeffery?

Ring up a fast $650 for the Circuit Court, because it gets to keep 10% of the 10%. This is a rip-off that ripples along under the radar of the public. And I don't think it's refundable. Let's say you get arrested, post your bond and later you are successful in court and are found Not Guilty. You get your bond back, less certain deductions. Is the 10% for the court one of those deductions?

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