Sunday, January 27, 2013

Survey for readers in McHenry County

What do you think are the most pressing issues in McHenry County? Which group needs the most attention?

Please rank the following 1-7, with 1 being the most in need, and 7 being the least in need of attention. Thanks!

Low Income workers
Developmentally disabled adults
Mentally ill/substance abusers

Use the Comment box right under this article. Copy and paste in the seven choices, and then prioritize them. Thanks!


Unknown said...

(5)Low Income workers
(2)Developmentally disabled adults
(3)Mentally ill/substance abusers

Gus said...

1 Developmentally disabled adults
2 Mentally ill/substance abusers
3 Homeless
4 Unemployed
5 Seniors
6 Low Income workers
7 Latinos

Anonymous said...

1.Developmentally disabled adults
3.Mentally ill/substance abusers
6.Low Income workers

Maverick50 said...

1. Unemployed
2. Seniors
3. Developmentally disabled adults
4. Homeless
5. Mentally ill/substance abusers
6. Low Income workers
7. Latinos

Unknown said...

I pose the following question to you, sir:

Why did you couple mental illness with substance abusers?

Differing issues, in my opinion.

Gus said...

Annie Oney, thanks for your good question. I think I pulled those categories from a local article.

More specifically, while for many there are, indeed, different issues, I have frequently encountered the terms "co-occurring" disorders and "dual diagnosis".

Mental illness is a very broad category, as is substance abuse, which could include abuse of prescription drugs, not just illegal drugs.