Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Next American Civil War

This came from an out-of-state friend - a patriot. Like some of us.

"Wow, a real wake up call.  In truth I hear folks sort-of muttering this in hushed tones, its scarey to see someone print it in an article.  It seems that Americans are powerless to stop the course we are on; the clueless in Washington have put us on.  It seems clear that their increasing fear of average Joe American is based on their incompetence & refusal to yield to the Will of the American People.  A true sadness for us all.  Americans are a fearless bunch - I keep thinking of the 30 ton statue of Washington handing over his sword, relinquishing his authority as leader & pointing to God with his other hand.   I guess all we can do is continue to pray that God has not turned his back on our Nation.  That somehow we can turn this ship around, and put God back at the helm."


Be sure to look at the CanadaFreePress.com article.

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Big Daddy said...

It is my belief that if all this talk about banning virtually every semi-automatic weapon or confiscation becomes law, we will see another civil war.