Saturday, January 5, 2013

Dave Linder on concealed carry

Former Crystal Lake Police Chief Dave Linder was interviewed by Stew Cohen of Star 105.5, and the interview was broadcast today as part of Stew's Northwest spectrum series.

I was interested in Dave's perspective on concealed carry. Of course, as a retired police officer, he will have the right to carry a concealed weapon - a right not accorded to other law-abiding people walking around in civilian attire.

Dave gave the example of a police call of "Man with a gun." When the cops arrive, they know somebody has a gun. He expressed concern that, if Illinois had a concealed carry law, then, when police arrived, there might be a lot of people in a room with guns.

This is a scare tactic to alarm people into being afraid of concealed carry.

The police do not need to fear law-abiding citizens with guns. A lot of cops know this and will admit it. If cops get a "man with a gun" call, they respond and look for a person with a gun who is breaking a law or who is reported as breaking a law.

The law-abiding, concealed-carry person who is armed will only have his gun out if he is engaged with a person who is breaking the law. If that person is already "down" (shot), then the law-abiding citizen will probably have placed his weapon on the floor or back in the holster before the cops arrive. He will keep his hands in sight and away from his body. He will quickly identify himself to the cops and will understand that they quite likely will take his weapon and may even handcuff him.

He'll be inclined to cooperate, but he'd better remember "You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law." About all he should say is, I have not broken any law, and I wish to talk to my attorney." And then shut up!

Any concealed-carry person will understand that the cops will be on high alert. They don't want to get shot. The law-abiding person is not going to shoot them.

Dave said he didn't know the statistics in favor of  concealed carry. That was a safe position to take on the air. However, I'll challenge him on that. If he meant that he couldn't quote them on the spot, okay. But he has to be familiar with them. Forty-nine states have some form of concealed carry. He had to be preparing the Crystal Lake Police Department for the day when Illinois will have concealed carry.

I'll also challenge Dave on his "If you have a gun and an argument breaks out, then there will be a gun fight" statement. Not so, Dave.

I know and like Stew. He had me on his program as a guest several years ago, on the same topic. To make a reference to the airport security checkpoint and that people would be pulling out their weapons, was laughable. Thanks for the chuckle, Stew.

And about innocent people getting shot in a movie theater by those with concealed weapons? Would you rather have a dozen shot and killed by a shooter who is not confronted? If I'm in the audience and I can get a clean shot at a killer, I'm going to take it. (Of course, I realize I shouldn't even write this, because some loon will take it as "pre-meditated".)

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Mike said...

Typical attitude from a ploitacal appointee, retired or not, still touting the political talking point of the day!