Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Ex-sheriff charged

The former sheriff of Lancaster County, South Carolina has been charged with "breach of trust with fraudulent intent," after state troopers found a 40 cal. Glock handgun and a laptop left over from his Mr. Sheriff days, which ended in 2008. It seems he should have turned in that equipment when he left office.

When the keys to the office at 2200 N. Seminary are turned over on December 1, 2014, how much equipment will be unaccounted for? Any?

Will the new sheriff be smart enough to order an inventory of all MCSO equipment? Vehicles, trailers, snowmobiles, firearms, badges, patches, uniforms, laptops, desktops, printers, etc., etc., etc.? Don't forget snowmobiles.

The current administration ought to know where each and every item is. Each piece of equipment should be on a list and either have a name in the issued column or be on the shelf at the office.

Want to bet on that?

Nygren and Zinke ought to make that inventory before November 30. Will they? Nygren's name has been on the door for about 17 years. That's a lot of time for equipment to "grow legs" and take a walk. How much of it did?

Did you hear? About Cisner's stolen AR-15?

Did you read that article in the Northwest Herald about the AR-15 that was stolen from MCSO Corrections Officer Cisner's car?

You didn't?

I didn't, either.  Any idea why not?

Why wouldn't MCSO issue a press release about a stolen AR-15? Especially one that was stolen from the vehicle of a Corrections Officer? But maybe that's why.

So, if you hear, "Psst, buddy. Wanna buy an AR-15?", pay attention. It might be a cool weapon. It might also be a hot weapon.

Was it really in view? Was it left in Cisner's convertible where it could be seen?

If it was, has MCSO ordered a pysch evaluation for CO Cisner?

What capacity magazine was with it? More than one magazine? Was the magazine loaded? To capacity? Was the weapon loaded with one round in the chamber? Was it in a case?

My understanding is that this theft is not being talked about at MCSO. There are certain topics that are off-limits for water-cooler conversations, and this seems to be one of them.

What if the theft had been publicized the very next day, including a photo of the car and the address where it was parked? Think there might have been at least some chance that a passerby might have taken notice and remember some detail?

Keep in mind that a corrections officer is not a law-enforcement officer. He is not a deputy or police officer. (Unless maybe he has been over to Kirkland (Ill.) and has been issued one of those badges that are fairly easily handed out by the Chief?

Cisner's loss is somewhere between $400 and $1,000. Who done it?

Monday, October 20, 2014

What will "they" say about you?

Here it comes.

Watch carefully in the case against Scott Peters, who is accused of shooting two McHenry County Sheriff's Department deputies.

According to the Northwest Herald, McHenry County prosecutors (name the prosecutors!) say that Peters has a history of being "anti-government" and "anti-police."

This ought to be enough to scare the bejesus out of about any citizen. Just imagine being arrested. When they start cleaning the skeletons out of your closets, will you be labeled "anti-government" and/or "anti-police"?

Have you ever griped about Obama's policies? Or Rahm Emanuel's? Or the McHenry County Board's?

Have you ever complained about militarization of the McHenry County Sheriff's Department? Or said anything bad about Nygren or Zinke or about any of the bad apples at MCSD? Or even of the waste at little ol' Spring Grove PD? Does that make you "anti-police"?

Will you be labeled "anti-government" or "anti-police"?

What are the "court records" that indicate Peters' such history? Are these "records" merely the documents that are filed in the current case? Or is there something substantial from his past that makes the foundation for the statements?

"The price of freedom is eternal vigilance." Do not let the McHenry County State's Attorney Office get away with this kind of nonsense, even in such a serious case as this!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

NWH endorses Prim - sort of

The Northwest Herald  announced its endorsement of Bill Prim for Sheriff of McHenry, but the wording of its "endorsement" certainly lacked any punch. Read it here, before they change it.

Before saying anything about Prim's qualifications (beyond the statutory ones), the paper's editorial staff, assuming that's who writes "Our View" and endorsed Prim in the column published this morning at 5:30am, the article said, "Harrison is an intelligent attorney who has extensive experience in employment law"

The editorial board mentioned "concerns" about two of Prim's campaign supporters, referring to run-ins with the law and "a great deal of unnecessary nastiness associated with Prim’s primary campaign against Zinke."

It then mentions State's Attorney Lou Bianchi and then the need for checks and balances. Could a tight relationship with the State's Attorney actually mean fewer checks and balances on the Sheriff's Department? 

And then it ends with "We endorse Prim", leaving me to wonder whether they really do.

Why Good People Should Be Armed

You may find this 13-minute video well worth watching. I did.

There were many good "sound bites" in it, but I won't repeat them.

For more information, check out

MCSD illegal entry quickly "old news"

What do McHenry County Sheriff's candidates Jim Harrison and Bill Prim have to say about the illegal entry by MCSD deputies into the Crystal Lake home of Pete Sonneville on October 6?

The homeowner had stopped by his residence for lunch and a shower. Somebody (a neighbor?) called the cops, and three deputies entered the house.

Fortunately, Sonneville had locked his bedroom door. (Who does that?) What would you have done, if you had heard voices in the hall and someone identifying himself as police. Called 9-1-1? Armed yourself before opening the door? Sonneville could have ended up dead in his own bedroom.

Steve Stanek wrote a Letter to the Editor that was published October 17 with the title "Reckless actions". It drew 26 comments.

So, what would Bill Prim say about the entry by the deputies?

Would his words mimic those of Sgt. Tadelman and Det. Popovits?

What would Harrison, who teaches Constitutional Law, say about that entry?

Voters should find out before November 4.

WANTED: Legally Sane

I'm looking for a copy of Legally Sane, by Jon K. Hahn and Harold C. McKenney.

Do anyone have a copy or know someone with a copy?

The book was published in about 1972 by Henry Rengery Company, according to, and is out-of-print.

There must be copies around McHenry County, and I would be pleased to be allowed to borrow one, with its return promised. I'll pay for Insured shipment both ways.

I did get a good lead a year ago from a Crystal Lake attorney, and the person I contacted said he'd try to find his copy. Is there another copy available?