Sunday, September 21, 2014

Prim refuses to debate Harrison

In a press release dated September 22, 2014, candidate Jim Harrison announced that Bill Prim, the Republican candidate, has refused the debate that was put together by the McHenry County League of Women Voters. Read his press release below:

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  September 22, 2014
Citizens to Elect Jim Harrison Sheriff
Contact:  Jim Harrison
Post Office Box 10
Ringwood, IL 60072
PHONE:  815-575-4001

Bill Prim Declines To Debate Jim Harrison

Independent Sheriff’s Candidate Jim Harrison criticized Republican Sheriff’s Candidate Bill Prim’s refusal to face-off against Harrison in a live debate sponsored by the League of Women Voters that was scheduled for October 8, 2014 at MCC.  Although Harrison accepted the invitation to debate, Prim declined.

Prim’s refusal to debate came on the heels of the disclosure of Prim’s campaign chairman’s violent criminal background.  “What else does Bill Prim have to hide from the voters,” Harrison inquired?  By declining the debate, Prim directly contradicted his earlier statement made in a December 28, 2013 press release:

“When, if ever, Mr. Harrison becomes a certified candidate, as I have for the office of Sheriff, I would be happy to debate him.”  Bill Prim

Harrison was certified as a candidate back in June of this year, following his record-setting filing of 9,500 petition signatures endorsing Harrison’s candidacy to become McHenry County’s first-time-ever “Independent” Sheriff. 

In Prim’s December 28, 2013 press release, Prim criticized his primary election opponent Andy Zinke’s decision to pull out of the only scheduled debate, calling it:

“…a decision that denies the people of McHenry County a chance to weigh for themselves the qualities and abilities of the two candidates…”  Bill Prim

Prim claimed that failing to debate:

“…deprived the voters of an excellent opportunity not only to learn our positions on the issues but to get a sense of the man behind the positions, and how we conduct ourselves in a high-stakes, high-pressure environment.  The Sheriff’s Office, and law enforcement in general, is frequently stressful.  Voters want to see for themselves how a candidate for that office operates when he has to think on his feet and make rapid decisions.”  Bill Prim

In December of 2013, Bill Prim denounced the act of refusing to debate, calling it: “…a feeble showing indeed.”  However, when the time came for Bill Prim to debate Jim Harrison, Prim started whistling a different tune.  “That’s a problem with Bill Prim,” Harrison said; “he says one thing and does another.”  “By refusing to debate, Prim has attempted to limit the ability for voters to make an informed choice for Sheriff,” Harrison added.  “I believe McHenry County voters are a lot smarter than Bill Prim gives them credit for being,” Harrison concluded.

Will Sheriff candidates debate?

There may or may not be a debate (or forum) on October 8th at MCC, at which voters can size up Bill Prim and Jim Harrison.

Cal Skinner reported on Prim's fundraiser yesterday and quoted Bill Prim as saying, "I don't throw dirt." Prim was referring, apparently, to a quote in a book about Texas Sheriff Ed Tom Bell campaign, in which Bell reportedly said, “If you’re throwing dirt, you’re losing ground.”

One of the problems in the Sheriff's campaign, as I see it, is that Prim isn't throwing anything. He's not throwing statements, for example, about his position on militarization of the McHenry County Sheriff's Department.

Prim's position became clear to me at a meet-and-greet before the spring Republican Primary, when his only words to me were, "You're the guy who doesn't like militarization." He didn't give me a chance to ask him what he meant, and he didn't ask me why. What I don't like is the improper use of military-type equipment.

I'm continuing to read A Government of Wolves - the emerging American Police State, by John W. Whitehead.

If you are almost brain-dead from watching Dancing with the Stars and American Idol and other mind-numbing shows on TV and are not paying attention to the continuing encroachment on your rights, wake up now, before it's too late. Start paying attention to militarization and the mind-set behind it. And read Whitehead's book.

Is anyone investigating how much military might is currently held by the McHenry County Sheriff's Department and the police departments (large and small) just in McHenry County? For example, take a look at Spring Grove P.D. The population in Spring Grove is 5,758 (2010). What possible need could they have for their own militarized equipment?
Bill Prim is a cop. He thinks like a cop. He'll continue to think and act like a cop. That's who he is. But does he think like a cop whose first allegiance is to the people he is there to protect and to serve?

Look where MCSD ended up in the Nygren Reign. Nygren was a cop. He should have known better than to park next to me in the Jewel-Osco parking in 2009, glare at me in an effort to intimidate me, and then accuse me of stalking him. Since when can a stalkee drive up and park next to a "stalker" and then claim he is being stalked?

Will Prim meet Harrison on October 8?

Friday, September 19, 2014

Need power-washing?

Need power-washing around the place?

Call Josh Harrison, owner of JH Power Cleaning in Woodstock. Call him at 815.218.5090 and check out his Facebook page, JH power cleaning services.

Why Josh?

He pitched in to clean graffiti from the garage of a McHenry home where racially-charged vandalism occurred earlier this week. See the photo and story on the Northwest Herald website today.

Thank you, Josh!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Illinois concealed carry - apply yet?

Last year (2013) the Illinois General Assembly passed a concealed-carry law, finally giving law-abiding citizens the lawful privilege to carry a loaded and concealed firearm in public. Did you apply yet?

If you did - even just apply - you gave up important rights. Did you know that?

Section 30 of the law reads:

"430 ILCS 66/30
Sec. 30. Contents of license application.
(a) The license application shall be in writing, under penalty of perjury, on a standard form adopted by the Department and shall be accompanied by the documentation required in this Section and the applicable fee. Each application form shall include the following statement printed in bold type: "Warning: Entering false information on this form is punishable as perjury under Section 32-2 of the Criminal Code of 2012."
(b) The application shall contain the following:
(1) the applicant's name, current address, date and

year of birth, place of birth, height, weight, hair color, eye color, maiden name or any other name the applicant has used or identified with, and any address where the applicant resided for more than 30 days within the 10 years preceding the date of the license application;
(2) the applicant's valid driver's license number

or valid state identification card number;
(3) a waiver of the applicant's privacy and

confidentiality rights and privileges under all federal and state laws, including those limiting access to juvenile court, criminal justice, psychological, or psychiatric records or records relating to any institutionalization of the applicant,..."

Have you been pounding on your legislators to change this? To restore your rights, if you have already applied? You haven't? Why not?

Consider what could happen the next time you get stopped for speeding or a burned-out license plate light. The cop says, "I'm going to search your car and your person."

You say, "No, you're not. I have rights."

The cop says, "My in-car computer says you have an Illinois concealed-carry license. You don't have those rights any longer."

The NRA and the ISRA rolled over and gave up the fight. They apparently have failed, so far, to drag the State of Illinois into court over this. The NRA lobbyist said in about April 2013 that he had the votes to block a bad bill. He didn't.

Don't go soft as time passes. I knew immediately that I would never apply, so I moved out of Illinois.

I guess that deputy with MCSD was right. When I telephoned in 1996 to ask how to apply for a concealed carry permit, he laughed at me and said I would never get a permit in Illinois.

If you have paid your $150 and have applied, call your lawyer now and ask how to protect yourself, if it's even possible now, regarding those rights that you gave up. What did you give up? When you signed that application, you gave up your "privacy and confidentiality rights and privileges under all federal and state laws."

Not just to "juvenile court, criminal justice, psychological, or psychiatric records"; you gave up ALL your rights, including those.

An attorney as Sheriff? Why?

In speaking with friends in McHenry County from 800 miles away, I keep hearing, "I don't want an attorney as Sheriff." Yesterday I got to thinking how glad I was that Jim Harrison is not a car salesman! He certainly has an uphill battle!

I urge you to go to his campaign website and read the material under "Jim's Message". Did you know that nearly one-quarter of the sheriffs in Illinois are attorneys. I didn't. The only one I knew of was Tom Dart, the Cook County Sheriff.

So, take ten minutes and read that section. Then browse around the rest of his website. You'll find it at

Read his views about taking politics out of the Sheriff's Department.

Find Jim and meet him. Ask him your questions.

National Cheeseburger Day!

Today, September 18, is National Cheeseburger Day.

Be sure to celebrate appropriately - and responsibly.

Be alive to celebrate next year. No Dashboard Dining today...

Wednesday, September 17, 2014


That's the sentence that Judge Kapala dished out to disgraced McHenry County Sheriff's Department former Sgt. Greg Pyle. Fifty years. It might as well be Life. That'll be a life sentence for Pyle.

In a hearing in Rockford today that lasted about two hours, Judge Kapala hammered Pyle for his horrendous and despicable acts - sexual acts against a child. And, if you remember from State charges filed by the Illinois State Police in McHenry County prior to the Federal charges, those charges involved a family member.

Judge Kapala denied a motion to close the hearing and ruled that it would remain open, so those in the courtroom heard the statement by Pyle's former wife.

Why did Pyle get 50 years? Because his victims were children - his children. Because he produced pornography. Because he distributed it.

Enough about Pyle. He's going away for what will likely be the rest of his life.

But some local questions linger. At least, for me. Maybe for you, too.

Who were Pyle's closest buddies at the Sheriff's Department? Who was in the small clique with Pyle that made life difficult for some McHenry County residents? To what extent did they operate outside the law? Who has closely examined that clique and searched for embarrassing problems?

Pyle seemed to be a favored deputy by Sheriff Nygren. Why didn't Nygren get a whiff of what was going on? Maybe Nygren spent too much time in Wisconsin and Florida and too little time at 2200 N. Seminary Ave. in Woodstock. The Department spent a lot of money on Pyle, sending him to FBI schools. Did Pyle's deviant attitude and actions make its way into Department business?

Who among Pyle's buddies had a hunch about Pyle's deviant interests and failed to take action? Anyone? Was there not even one person at MCSD who suspected Pyle was into some bad stuff?

Pyle took a shot at ruining a number of lives. His sons. His wife. His parents. Neighbors. People who thought they were friends. Buddies at work.

The work now will be for those people to rebuild their lives. The right kind of therapy is critical. The Court heard that more therapy is needed. The problems are with availability and cost. It must be with the right therapists. There are resources available, if funds are short or non-existent.

There is to be a hearing on October 21, at which restitution will be discussed. With all due respect to the Court, what a joke that is. What restitution? From what sources?

Now I'll go and see what the Northwest Herald and the Chicago Tribune have to say.