Thursday, April 17, 2014

Items for Sale - sale ends Sunday, April 20.

A few gently-used household items available for your immediate pick-up in Woodstock, Illinois, near the police station.

BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. CALL GUS AT 847.971.7083. As marked or OBO. Cash only.

Serta "Perfect Sleeper" single bed. Thick mattress - 77"x38"x12".
Box springs 77"x38"x9".
with Frame.
$75 OBO

Glass dining room table with three chairs. 60" x 36", with frame. $50 OBO

Admiral 19" TV. Analog. Converter box included. Great for mother-in-law apartment (especially if she has been nagging you for a flatscreen). $10 OBO. Will include VHS tape player (rewind tapes separately, and DVD player. With all remotes.

HamiltonBeach electric grill for indoor countertop use. $5

Small rectangular, wooden stand. Great desk for a child's room. $3

Small wooden stand with two shelves (TV is on it). All four casters roll. $4

Small computer table with sliding tray and printer shelf. With black swivel chair. $10

Round Weber charcoal grill for outdoor use. Grill size is 13" diam. Perfect for small patio or apartment patio. Long-handled grill brush included. $5

Wooden bedroom dresser. 36" x 15" x 35.5". Nine drawers. Three smaller drawers across top. Three rows of two larger drawers. Shows wear. Great for garage or spare bedroom. Small broken piece on one drawer can be glued back on. Free

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

New short-form 1040

If you put off doing your Federal taxes until today, you may want to use the new short form.

Line 1 How much did you earn in 2013?

Line 2 Send it in.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Training in Texas???

What training in Texas could Undersheriff Zinke possibly consider as essential to his final six months in authority at the McHenry County Sheriff's Department?

Special request to the County Administrator, to the County Auditor and to the County Board:

     please address Responsibility with the undersheriff and with the sheriff, if you can find him, so that they don't totally drain MCSD and leave an empty shell on November 30, 2014, when they head off into the wild, blue yonder.

Can the public do anything to halt waste on unessential training at the conclusion of Nygren's too long of a period in office? Zinke said a while back that he has been running the office for three years. What has Nygren been doing in all that time? Working on his tan?

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Mail officer at MCSD? What???

Is it true that the McHenry County Sheriff's Department has a "mail officer"?

Rumor has it that a woman fills the position and reports to a Lieutenant, who shields her from the sergeants. Could this be true?

Is it true that it takes her eight duty hours to complete her work, but that the work takes only four hours when she isn't there? Is there a training problem? Speed of work problem? Attitude problem? Where did she work before? USPS?

If she is slow, wouldn't it be a good idea to let duty sergeants supervise her work and let them speed up her productivity? What's the pay for that position?

Is she a civilian employee or a corrections officer?

How many pieces of mail actually come into the jail on a daily basis?

Friday, April 4, 2014

Overtime and Training - like an elevator, going up?

Will training and overtime at the McHenry County Sheriff's Department soar out of control between now and December 1, 2014, when a new sheriff will take office?

Is Nygren anywhere around; like, still running the ship? Or is he MIA and letting Undersheriff Zinke run the department? If that's the case, why is the County paying Nygren $150,000/year for his last vacation on the taxpayers' checkbook? Why isn't the County Board declaring the office abandoned and putting the Coroner in charge?

Is anyone keeping tabs on the hours and days put in by the Sheriff? I'd love to see that spreadsheet!

There are likely to be some big changes after December 1. The cliques will be broken up; some demotions will occur; there will be attrition as some just plain bail out before they get kicked out.

Will higher command and supervisors suck up all the advanced training they can get in, before the blade on the guillotine drops?

Does Zinke have the backbone to refuse to approve unnecessary training? Will he disband small unnecessary units and special uniforms?

And who will be allowed to suck up the bulk of the overtime? Those at the top of the food chain?

Hang onto your wallets, folks!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

MCSD Sgt. LD (as in, Light Duty)

What are the rules at the McHenry County Sheriff's Department, when a deputy is placed on "light duty"?

Light-duty assignments might follow an injured-on-duty status, as the deputy's health improves and he can (and wants to) return to work, but can't get a medical clearance for return to full active duty.

Light-duty assignments might mean desk work.

But if a deputy, especially a supervisor, returns with a light-duty assignment, shouldn't he be in uniform? Even if he temporarily has administrative duties?

Or can he show up in casual clothing (it's not quite warm enough for beach clothes)? How presentable should he look, if he is authorized (in writing by a superior officer) to show up in civvies? Dress slacks? Long-sleeve dressed shirt, ironed? Shined dress shoes?

Are things already falling apart at the sheriff's office, with a lameduck sheriff and an undersheriff who lost the Republican primary election?

Rather than letting the Department fall apart, the undersheriff should run a tight ship until he turns over the keys on December 1 to a newly-elected sheriff.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Thanks for the corroboration

I would like to thank those who are corroborating my recent stories about the MCSD and the Jail, and I offer my thanks, too, for the new and additional information.

How much does a lieutenant on the jail roster earn annually? Is he docked for the hours he sleeps on duty? I doubt it. Why do the Deputy Chief and the Chief of Corrections tolerate it? Maybe they should be fired first, before the sleeper gets the can.

The drugs found recently in the jail were found on Friday evening, March 28. They were prescription drugs. So, when an inmate is provided with prescription drugs, why doesn't the nurse confirm that he actually swallowed them? If he just mumbles "Thanks" and runs back to his call to pass them out to someone else, hasn't he then missed the dosage that was prescribed?

Here we are back with arrows aimed at Jail Administration. No wonder they would like to hush it up. And why would the undersheriff not direct that information be passed along to all corrections officers and deputies. Hasn't he figured out, even by now, that the information will get out?

The rumors about document shredding are not just outside the Department; they are circulating inside the Department. Who has access to sensitive documents? Probably not the line deputies. Office personnel have access. Detectives have access. Command personnel have access.

The State Open Records Act applies, in part, to County Government and to the entire Sheriff's Department. If you are an employee who is shredding important documents that have not been certified for destruction, you are committing a crime. Be careful. Saying "My boss told me to do it" won't fly, if you are standing before a judge with mud on your face and fingercuts.