Friday, June 24, 2016

Kim Zinke arrested by Ill. State Police - drugs

Kim Zinke has been charged by the Illinois State Police with drug possession. Zinke was indicted yesterday.

Thanks to Bob McCoppin and the Chicago Tribune for covering McHenry County so well. How could the Northwest Herald not know about it? Don't they have any reporters covering the courthouse or getting the inside scoop from the Sheriff's Department?

Zinke has been on leave from the Kane County Sheriff's Office for some period of time. The S/O says "at least six months", but the Tribune staff believes she could have been on leave since about April 2015. That's over a year on my calendar. What smells here?

The Tribune article indicates that charges were filed in McHenry County, but a Special Assistant State's Attorney/Prosecutor will handle the case. Zinke apparently has not yet been taken in custody, and there is no record at this time either in Jail online records or the Court online case listings.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

End the sit-in stunt in the House of Representatives

If that stupid (Rep.) John Lewis wants to have a sit-in, let him go to Woolworth's. (Apologies to Woolworth's)

Where is Obama? Why doesn't he go to the House floor and say, "Bro, y'all ain't doin' no good here, ya hear? Now git yo' butts off that floor and git back to bizness."

If the USA had a true leader in the White House, he'd LEAD.

What does Obama do, instead? He tweeted those jerks in the House with "Thank you John Lewis for leading on gun violence where we need it most."

Is Obama really that stupid? (No answer is needed; we already know the answer to that question.) John Lewis (Dem.-Ga.) and his little sit-in stunt have nothing to do with gun violence. What it has to do with is taking guns away from the law-abiding citizens of the U.S.

The Speaker of the House should have had the House cleared after the session was adjourned. Head 'em up and move 'em out. He should have given them 15 minutes to get themselves back on their feet (all those old folks on the floor would need that time) and get out of the House. Then he should have had the Sergeant-at-Arms and the Capitol floor clear the chamber.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Make America White Again (in Tennessee)

Normally I wouldn't comment on such a controversial sign, but the nincompoops in the U.S. House of Representatives today have inspired me not to let this one pass.

Congressional candidate Rick Tyler (Independent) has put up a billboard reading "Make America White Again."

His websites were and, but they have already been turned off, according to one news article.

Rick's business is Whitewater Grill in Ocoee, Tennessee, which is 30-40 miles east of Chattanooga. You can only guess what the reaction will be.

Now, what happened in the House of Representatives today? Those idiots from the left side of the aisle decided to launch a sit-in. And who leads the pack? An aged, left-over, civil-right advocate who has somehow managed to get into and stay the House. Rep. John Lewis (Dem-Ga.) is taking his anti-gun belief to the House floor and stalling the business of America. What a jerk. You can read CNN's take on it here. And where was Hillary's pal, Elizabeth Warren? Right there, too.

The South seems to have a big claim on stupidity. Remember Rep. Hank Johnson (Dem.- Ga.), who feared that Guam might tip over if 8,000 Marines were stationed there. How in the world Adm. Robert Willard ever kept a straight face on March 25, 2010, I don't know. Maybe he got a good briefing about just how stupid Johnson was.

The People in this country had better wake up before November and realize what happens when stupid people are elected to Congress.

Now, before y'all start accusing me of being racist, I am honored to know several smart people who are black.

And I also read the newspapers and see all those black faces looking back at me, after their arrests for murder, robbery, carjacking, rape and lots of gun crimes in Chicago and around the country.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

HOP HEAD (Illinois license) - still at it

On November 19, 2008, I wrote about a dangerous driver, in a Lexus with Illinois license plate HOP HEAD. Now, who gets a plate like that? You can read that article here:

Six months later a reader found my November article and posted a comment to it. Because that comment wouldn’t be immediately visible to current readers, I wrote about that comment in a new article on May 9, 2009. You can read the second article here:

The owner of that license plate is apparently still at it. Last week I was contacted by a man whose motorcycle was damaged in a hit-and-run driver in Michigan. Witnesses tried to stop the driver of the car with Illinois license HOP HEAD.

On June 15, 2016, a comment was posted to the May 9, 2009, article about that hit-and-run. The vehicle was found and impounded by the Chikaming Township, Mich. Police. Chikaming Township is near the southwest corner of Michigan.

“Here is [sic] is years later, but this menace is still a danger on the loose and on the streets. My motorcycle was parked on the street in Sawyer, Michigan on Friday, June 10, 2016, when a newer Lexus ES350 Sedan, white, knocked it over and took off. Witnesses reported the same Illinois "Hop Head" license plate on the suspect car, which was spotted a couple of hours later and towed as evidence by the local Chikaming Township police. We'll see if maybe justice will be served this time.

Anybody know this guy? His picture is included with the November 19, 2008 article.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Cole County, Missouri: BRAVO!!!!

Three cheers to Cole County, Missouri, for standing up to Obama and telling him to stick it in his ear over the lowering of U.S. Flags after the Orlando massacre. U.S. Flags in Cole County remain at full staff.

From AOLNews, "According to the News Tribune, Commissioners Jeff Hoelscher and Kris Scheperle — who "have control over how the flags are displayed" in the county that houses Jefferson City, the state capital — outvoted Commissioner Sam Bushman to keep the flags flying exactly as they were before Sunday's massacre."

Commissioner Bushman wanted to be in lock-step with Obama, but the common sense of the other two Commissioners prevailed.

The capital of Missouri, Jefferson City, is in Cole County. Population of Cole County is just under 77,000.

You can read more here about the decision on the local newspaper's website.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Obama fuels terrorism

I am so sick and tired of that wimp, Obama, lowering the United States Flag every four days.

All he is doing is setting up another round in the game for haters and terrorists to play called "Let's Get the U.S. to lower its Flag again."

If I had my own business with a flagpole out front or if I were a Mayor or Governor, I'd say, "No, NO, NOOOOO, the United States Flag flies high ALL the time."

But that sniveling, spineless occupant of the White House doesn't have the guts to tell terrorists or lone wolves or ISIS that Nothing will cause the United States to lower its Flag.

The Flag should fly at the top of the flagpole ALWAYS. Let it fly there to reflect the memory of any person who died and who is listed in the Flag Code to receive Flag recognition. A bunch of partiers in Orlando don't qualify.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Bad loans - guaranteed?

How would you like to be poor, uneducated, illiterate, unemployed, on welfare and other benefits, have no income or savings, and be able to borrow $15,000 from the U.S. Government without being able to prove ability to repay it? And maybe not even have to worry about collection activity?

Read this posting from Judicial Watch.

Maybe all you have to do is leave the U.S. and find your way back as a refugee.

All together now, say "Thank you, Obama."

Of course, then there was Bernie with his free-education-for-all scheme. Well, McHenry County College tried that, and look where it went. Almost all the money went right down the drain on unqualified students who never should have been enrolled in the first place.

What will the USA look like in 50 years? Nothing like it does today.

What were those home loans called back before the bubble burst? You know, the stated-income applications where you could put down any amount and get accepted for a loan you didn't stand a chance of paying off?

Fraudulent mortgage applications, over-valued appraisals, mortgage-backed securities... Why aren't all those crooks in prison? Want to read a good book about all that? Read Fatal Error, by Michael Ridpath.