Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Email POTUS? Yeah, sure...

Have you tried to email President Trump?

The website at which to do is:

But you can't do it, because the webpage offers only a choice of recipient (POTUS or Help with a Federal Agency) and a dropdown box for Prefix (ex., Mr.).

You're out of luck if you want to write a message!

I guess that fits the current situation, though. Trump wants us to listen to him, but he doesn't want to hear from us.

You can call, if you are patient. Call 202/456-1111. Make a pot of coffee, before you dial. Then put your phone on Speaker and sit back. Try not to forget why you are calling. A recording will tell you that "All comment line volunteer operators are currently assisting other callers. Please continue to hold."

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Impeach Trump?

Much as I hate to say it, now is the time to impeach Donald Trump.

I voted for Trump but, as I have said before, I would have voted for Mickey Mouse before I would have voted for Hillary Clinton.

Trump is acting like a loose cannon, and I believe he cannot be trusted as President. Some of his other shenanigans were bad, but the way he fired James Comey was rotten. Did he have a flashback to his TV show? He didn't even have the guts to fire Comey face-to-face.

Then Trump believes he can "share" classified information with Russia.

I. Don't. Think. So.

And National Security Advisor H. R. McMaster rushes to his defense. What else is he going to say? Let's see; who appointed McMaster? Where does he want to work next?

Now some Fox News mouthpiece is saying that she is "in talks" to replace Sean Spicer. Imagine you are Spicer and you hear that on the news. If I were Spicer, I'd walk out - now. Are you working on your book, Sean?

Just to keep the record clear, I am not in talks with the White House to replace Sean Spicer! And I confirm this.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Did Trump ever call me?

I refuse to confirm or deny that Donald Trump contacted me before firing FBI Diretor James Comey. It would be inappropriate for me to make any statement about whether I have any recorded conversations between Trump and me or whether Russia was ever mentioned or discussed between us. While I'm certain that Trump records everything said in the Oval Office or on most of his phones, I shall make no similar statement about anything said in my office or on my phone(s).

However, having said that, Donald Trump "better hope that there are no 'tapes' of our conversations before he starts leaking to the press..."

I have never been informed that he might record any of our conversations, surreptitiously or otherwise. I have never given my consent to him to 'tape' anything said between us. Further, I refuse to confirm whether there has ever been even one conversation between us.

I rather suspect that Trump, if questioned by the press about any direct communication with The Woodstock Advocate or me, might just resort to saying, "Gus who?"

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Will Comey suffer VFS?

Will James Comey suffer V.F.S.? You know - Vince Foster Syndrome ...

His sudden ouster on Tuesday is, to me, suspicious. Trump just threw him under the bus. Imagine your surprise when you doing your job on the West Coast, and your boss sends the goons to your office on the East Coast to deliver your boss' message, "You're Fired!"

And you hear about it on the news...

I am very disappointed with Trump. Yes, I voted for him. I would have voted for Mickey Mouse to keep Hillary out of the White House.  But Trump is acting like a spoiled brat.

I didn't vote for Jared and Ivanka and the Trump tribe. I didn't vote for Kellyanne Conway. Now there is somebody Trump ought to fire.

If I were Comey, I'll tell any Congressional Committee to take their job and shove it. If they wanted me to appear, it would be $100,000/hour, with a five-hour minimum, plus expenses and bodyguards. And I'd be increasing my life insurance - fast!

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Chicago could learn...

The City of Chicago could take a lesson from Lawrence, Massachusetts (pop. 77,657 (2013)), which is worried about gun violence.

Lawrence has had six homicides this year, including two fatal shootings last week-end.

What is it doing?

Lawrence, Mass. is asking for a special prosecutor for Federal court and for help from the Massachusetts State Police and the Federal ATFE.

Will somebody please call Rahm Emanuel and wake him up early today?


Friday, April 14, 2017

College campuses, diverse. - Oh, really?

Charlie Kirk, president of Turning Point USA, hits the nail on the head. Just listen to what he has to say about diversity on U.S. college campuses!

Teenager's negligent death - not accident

A 13-year-old boy killed himself on Monday, April 10, in the southeast Atlanta, Georgia suburb of Forest Park.

He was in his bedroom, playing with a 9mm handgun and live-streaming his "fun" on Instagram. Apparently, the magazine was out and one of his friends in the livestream audience told him to insert the magazine.

News stories are incomplete, and some are just plain erroneous.

The gun didn't (just) go off. It wasn't an accident. He was negligent. He was ignorant about the operation of that gun.

Some semi-automatic pistols are designed not to fire when the magazine is removed, even if there is a bullet in the barrel. Or he racked the slide after he inserted the magazine, thereby loading a round into the barrel.

From news articles, it appears the gun was from outside the family home. Where does a 13-year-old get a gun?

This is a tragedy, but one that was totally avoidable. This is a solid example of why firearms safety should be taught in schools, as early as elementary school.

Instead, the liberals in this country generate fear of guns and do everything they can to prevent exposure of gun to youth.