Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Mayor Rahm Emanuel?

Will Rahm Emanuel survive (politically) the challenges to this petitions to run for Mayor of Chicago?

Is there anyone (except Rahm) who thinks he is eligible to run for the office of mayor?

A challenge to Keith Nygren's residency was made. Was he really a resident of McHenry County, as required, when he filed to run for re-election or when he held office in 2007-2010 or when he took office (again) on December 1?

Probably he was on December 1, 2010. Having challengers in a General Election for the first time since he was appointed Sheriff by the County Board (1997?) kept him mostly in town for the year leading up to Election Day.

Take a look at what the McHenry County State's Attorney considered, in determining whether Nygren met the residency requirements to run for re-election and to hold office:

His wife and he own a home in Cape Coral, Florida, on which they claimed the homestead exemption.
They gave up the homestead exemption on their house in Hebron, Ill.
Whether Keith was "domiciled" in McHenry County; i.e., was he physically present in McHenry County and did he intend to remain in the district as a permanent resident?

How is that decided?
A declaration of intent;
Voter registration;
Motor vehicle registration;
place of employment;
homestead exemption;
property ownership;
driver's license address;
community involvement;
location of family members.

Does Nygren "intend" to remain a permanent resident of McHenry County?

What do you think he'll say? No? And shoot himself in the foot?

Perhaps someone should begin counting the number of days he is away from the office at his homes in Minocqua, Wisc. and Cape Coral, Fla. Now that the race for re-election is behind him, will he return to old habits and become known again as the "cell phone sheriff"?

Will U.S. Federal Court activity in Rockford motivate him to retire? If so, did he "intend" to retire after election, which would allow the County Board to appoint a Republican successor?

Or will he have to keep working ("work", as in "be at work") to meet mortgage payments on the Cape Coral house, which is worth about one-half of what he paid for it in 2006 and worth only 44% of the amount of the original mortgage?

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mark beeson said...

I am not a fan of Rahm Emanuel, but I think it is rediculous to say he is not a resident of Chicago because he left to serve the President of the USA. He lived here before that and came back after. That's all I care about. The rental situation or any other BS is just that "BS". The president should chime in and back him as should anyone else who finds serving the president a rightous cause.