Thursday, December 23, 2010

Grafton Township - Tinkering with Levy

Didn't Grafton Township just meet last Monday, December 20, and set a record for a short meeting, when it voted 3-1 (one Trustee MIA) on the levy and cleared out by 7:45PM? Is this a case of haste-makes-waste?

Do the trustees get paid for this second Township meeting on the same topic? If it's $100 for a meeting, then they are earning at the rate of $400/hour! Will they waive their pay for this second meeting?

Now a Special Meeting has been announced for Monday, December 27, at 7:30PM at the Grafton Township Office, 10109 Vine Street, Huntley, for ... (ready for this?)

"Discussion and potential action to revise and adopt the Township Levy fund."

It takes two trustees to call a special meeting, and Trustees Betty Zirk and Barbara Murphy are the two.

What's up in Grafton Township? If you are a resident of Grafton Township, you might just want to put your checkbook in your safe deposit box and head over to the meeting on Monday night. Note the location. At the Township Offices!

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