Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Judge unhappy with false race entries

Read today's excerpt of the December 15th hearing in U.S. Federal Court in Rockford in the Seipler v. Cundiff et al. case on

In the excerpt published today Judge Mahoney asks Nygren's attorney, James Sotos, whether he is supposed to be happy with a large number of tickets on which drivers were recorded as Caucasian, when they apparently were not.

"THE COURT: What am I supposed to with somebody that misidentifies 140 individuals as Caucasian?

"MR. SOTOS: Judge, I got –

"THE COURT: Am I supposed to be happy with that?

"MR. SOTOS: Well, Judge, you know what? I’m not happy with that, but that’s not — "

Who was the McHenry County Sheriff's Department deputy being referred to as "somebody"? Is he Deputy Bruketta, who is mentioned moments later?

Judge Mahoney is trying to push this two-year-old case to trial. He shortened the leash on the attorneys by restricting time for completion of depositions, some of which were started but not finished. After you read the excerpts, you may wish to allow an hour and go back and start at the beginning to get the full picture of what went on in court that day.

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Anonymous said...

So the judge and the county's lawyer (Sotos) is unhappy that this Deputy Bruketta falsified 140 tickets? Is Bruketta still employed at that Sheriff's Department? Wasn't Seipler fired for falsifing one ticket and one warning? I am familiar with the racial profiling data located on the back of all traffic citations. On a ticket the officer must sign under oath that the information is correct. Thereby all the information on the ticket is subject to perjury charges if it is intentionally falsified. I can see making a mistake once or twice but how is the county going to justify that Bruketta made (at least) 140 mistakes? If Bruketta hasn't been or isn't going to be fired, I think Seipler just won his lawsuit. Falsifying the race of so many people would obviously distort the racial profiling data collected by the State thereby hiding his number of Hispanic traffic stops. Then the fact that the public now knows that a deputy falsified 140 tickets and the Sheriff doesn't fire him like he did Seipler would prove the retaliation Seipler claims. I think it's time to reinstate Seipler and save the county a million dollars in lawyer fees and payouts. I've only read this one transcript, if there's more the county is bound to lose.