Friday, December 31, 2010

Dec. 15 Hearing - Part 8

Be sure to read today for Part 8 in the publication of the December 15th hearing transcript in Seipler v. Cundiff et al.

Capt. Anton Cundiff? Where is he in all this? How did his name end of first in line? Who are the defendants in this lawsuit? Sure wish the Federal Court records were as easily accessible as those in McHenry County (at least, part of them). The case is No. 08 C 50257 in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois, Western Division.

Who is mentioned in Part 8?

Depositions of Jose Rivera and Gary Pack were apparently scheduled for December 16. The deposition of Jill Tutt was still to be completed, after it was interrupted on July 15. There was a little jousting about just who deposed Jill on July 15, with Sotos claiming that Horwitz did, and Horwitz saying that one of Sotos' associates took up 3 1/2 of the 4 hours, at which point Jill left.

When the judge asked who Jose Rivera was, this exchange took place in court:

"THE COURT: Who’s Jose Rivera?

"MR. HORWITZ: He’s a business partner of Sheriff Nygren.

"MR. SOTOS: The criminal coconspirator."

Sotos is really helping out his client (Sheriff Nygren), right? Which causes me now to wonder, does James Sotos represent all of the defendants? Will some of them decide at some point that they'd better have their own counsel? Will some of them decide they'd better distance themselves from some of the others?


FatParalegal said...

Who is Jill Tutt?

Gus said...

A reader of the Woodstock Advocate identifies Jill Tutt as a deputy of the McHenry County Sheriff's Department. That reader also said that Jill was identified in a comment to Part 8 on McHenry County Blog. This morning such a comment does not exist; was it removed? A comment was included that she (Jill) is the one who gets "the crappy patrol car."

Is this how MCSD gets even with deputies who are subpoenaed for depositions? Now I don't know Jill and don't know that she was subpoenaed, but my guess is that she may not have volunteered for a deposition in Zane's lawsuit.

If you get a subpoena to be somewhere, you had better be there. So the question is, did Jill have a patrol car in better condition before she was deposed?