Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Year's Eve dinner at The Other Place

Come one, come all. In November a friend told me about The Other Place ... at the Elks, a new restaurant that opened in Woodstock in September. It's located at 140 Cass Street, just west of the Woodstock Chamber of Commerce.

Friday night will be your last night to eat there .... in 2010!

Check them out on Facebook at!/pages/The-Other-Place/155957557762012

So, don't be like that L.A. food critic who was outed and then ousted. Check out the menu on Facebook, and start your partying right on the Square.

They are open on Friday nights (including this Friday, New Year's Eve) and, I think, on some game Sundays from the Bar Menu also posted on Facebook. Eating there may break your beltline, but it won't break your bank book.

(If you are going to bring all those relatives coming in by the busload, find their phone number and call ahead.)

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FatParalegal said...

They have the menu posted up on the FB page -- YUM YUM! :-)