Wednesday, December 1, 2010

It's not about the horse...

Horses, anyone? What do you understand about a horse? Is it a work animal? Show animal? Pet?

In 2005 a friend asked me to read a book titled It's not about the Horse - It's about Overcoming Fear and Self-Doubt, by Wyatt Webb, with Cindy Pearlman. I loved it, and I encouraged her to read it, but I don't think she did. I liked it so much that I sent a copy to my daughter.

I had grown up around horses, and she had, too. And she liked it so much that she made a decision to add equine-assisted therapy to her counseling practice!

The therapeutic use of horses is not about riding horses. Her practice is growing, and she recently conducted an introductory session for a Warrior Transition Unit at a large Army base.

Are there equine-assisted therapy groups around McHenry County or northern Illinois?

Wyatt wrote of great advice he was given by Logan Morrell that changed his entire life. He said Logan had told him, "Whether or not you get what you're looking for depends on one thing and one thing only; it depends on your willingness to do something different."

Try it. (I hate the word "try".) Do it.

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