Sunday, December 26, 2010

Explosive Court Transcript - Part 3

I wish I had the software to re-post the full transcript of the Dec. 15 hearing in U.S. Federal Court in Rockford in the case of Seipler v. Cundiff et al. I mean, I enjoyed reading all 48 pages at one sitting, but some say I am a glutton for punishment. Thanks to Cal Skinner for breaking it up into digestible pieces on

Part 3 is there now.

Who said, "The best defense is a good offense"? Carl von Clausewitz, Prussian soldier and German military theorist (1780-1831). This is also attributed to the heavyweight prizefighter Jack Dempsey (1895-1983).

What does this have to do with the Dec. 15 hearing?

See the statement by Sheriff Nygren's own legal counsel, James Sotos. The following is from the transcript:

"He (Deputy Milliman) said the sheriff (Keith Nygren) told him to murder somebody, too. He said a lot. He said the things that Mr. Horwitz said he said, and he said the sheriff told him to push a guy in front of a train who was a political opponent and that he told him to hang another guy and make it look like a suicide. And he said some of the stuff that Mr. Horwitz said, too. ..."

Nice of the sheriff's own lawyer to put something like that into the record, isn't it?

Go and read the transcript at, Part 3.

When the judge asked if Milliman was still working for the sheriff, Sotos answered, "Today he is." That was December 15.

Then the judge asked Sotos whether any proceedings had been started against Milliman.

Sotos answered: "I don’t have — I can’t really comment on what’s going on internally, but we did provide the sheriff with the deposition, Judge, and – "

It seems to me that Sotos caught himself just in time. It appears to me that he was about to say, "I don't have any knowledge of proceedings" and then he realized that he'd better not say that. It's a really, really good idea not to lie to a judge. And he didn't.

No one should doubt that Nygren and Sotos had conferred about what to do about Milliman, in view of his deposition on about November 23.

On what date was Deputy Milliman suspended?

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mike said...

At last, perhaps, the truth comes out about the "assassination plot" Oh, what should we do? I know, "Let's sue!" Like One HungLo says, "follow the money." Follow it from the county coffers to a blogger posting insanities and watch at least some of it, he hopes, land in his pockets. I predict that this will go the route of everything else Bachmann's posted. Nowhere! I have read that he's working hand in hand with the FBI and other federal agencies. Now he comes right out and accuses them of being tools of Nygren who have come to his house - previously he only hinted at this in his recent ramblings.

At some point in time a line has to be drawn. It would appear, if the allegation that Millman is suspended is factual, that that time has come and gone. How much is an employer required to take under the guise of free speech before he is allowed to place somebody on administrative suspension (no loss of pay, right?) and force that individual to put forth evidence of the merits of "case." I cannot think of one instance where someone would be permitted to accuse someone of solicitation to commit murder or a raft of other criminal offenses with total immunity. What would happen if Judge Mahoney's court clerk accused him on a blog of taking bribes? What would happen if Rahm Emanuel had accused B.O. of being a native born citizen of Kenya, what if...?

That's all we have here so far, crazy allegations by one or two individuals of crimes dating back more than a decade, supposedly reported to OTHER law enforcement agencies and yet nothing, absolutely NOTHING has been brought forth in the way of a formal accusation let alone a conviction. Why? Because there is nothing there comes to mind as a logical excuse. If Millman is suspended and they are taking action against him, that is great! He has all this proof, now he'll have a proper forum and motivation to get it all out there in the public eye. He will have to prove his allegations against Nygren and anyone else smeared by his libel and slander, not the other way around. I really look forward to reading about that.

As somebody posted, it appears that Millman has brain cancer or had it. My heart goes out to anyone in his fix but that does not give him the right to say what he's saying without proof. Further, that some people would seize upon these rantings and attempt to give them credibility by repeating them over and over is sickening.

You seem to place great stock in the fact that because Dave continues to repeat Millman's and Seipler's rantings, as does Skinner and as you do, that somehow that establishes their charges as fact or lends credibility. Nothing could be further from the truth. If you continually print, without caveat, the statement that "The sun ALWAYS RISES in the WEST" and slant your reporting to make it appear that the person who is so stating really knows the score and is truthful, you don't give him credibility, you detract from whatever little credibility that you yourself have.

Bachmann mentions in his blog announcing his law suit (which I doubt will ever be filed) all the money the county will pay out for libel and slander (?), I wonder if you bloggers have done all that much research into your own exposure for publishing and republishing some of this trash. I think you'll find a) that there IS liability to the author and b) that in the case of a moderated blogsite such as this, where the "owner" holds the key to what does and does not see the light of day in the comments, that they can be held responsible for certain reckless statements published with their APPROVAL.