Saturday, December 11, 2010

And still they try (MCCD and FOIA)

Recently, a McHenry County resident wanted some information from the McHenry County Conservation District (MCCD). The same "game" being played at Dorr Township (by a different law firm) got played at MCCD - and lost.

In this case a neighbor of one MCCD property where hunting is allowed asked the MCCD for the names of persons who had been issued hunting permits for MCCD property. Because it wanted to deny the request, the MCCD's attorney, Ancel Glink et al., had to request approval from the Attorney General's Public Access Counselor (PAC).

The PAC denied Ancel Glink's request, meaning that MCCD must provide the names of the hunters to the property owner, who fears a stray shot will harm her family or damage her house.

This is the same game that Dorr Township plays with residents. When a resident submits a FOIA request, the Township, through its attorney (not Ancel Glink), submits a request to the PAC and gets turned down.

This unnecessary legal cost and delay is foolish. The attorneys know the law. They should inform their clients to honor the FOIA request, not stall and delay (and incur unnecessary legal expense).

Why don't they?

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