Friday, December 10, 2010

Woodstock council acts on levy

The Woodstock City Council acted Tuesday night on the agenda item to approve the levy on real property assessments. You can read the article in the Northwest Herald at

Be sure to read the online comments by "bullfrog".

See if you can figure out what really happened. Will your tax bill for Woodstock go up or down?
From the statement of Finance Director Roscoe Stelford, your tax for Woodstock might go down. He said, “An existing resident in general will see a 2.7 percent increase ... if their [equalized assessed value] stays the same.”

So, if you get in there and contest your assessment and walk out with a reduced assessment (your house value has gone down, in case you didn't notice), then your Woodstock property tax ought to go down.

Are you will to live with fewer services from the City of Woodstock? What reduced services will you accept? What services do you not want reduced?

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