Sunday, December 12, 2010

Scott's Law vs. Florida law

In Illinois we have "Scott's Law", which requires you to move over, if you can, when passing an emergency vehicle stopped on the shoulder of a highway. If you can't move over, you are to slow down.
The purpose of the law is to reduce accidents, deaths and injuries involving emergency workers on the shoulder (troopers, EMTs, wrecker crews, utility workers).

As I recall, the law is vague and subjective in Illinois, merely requiring you to slow down, if you can't change lanes.

The law in Florida is very specific and leaves little to interpretation. Click on the image of the sign and read the wording. Remember it, if you are driving in Florida. Work through a few examples in your head, so that you'll understand what to do in Florida.

There may be other states that are specific in unique ways to their roadways. It's a law that you should know, or keep your checkbook handy. And keep your account balance high. At least in Illinois, it's not cheap if you get a ticket.

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