Monday, December 6, 2010

Beth Bentley - gone 28 weeks

Beth Bentley, 41, has been missing now for 28 weeks! Based on the absence of any press releases by the family or by the Woodstock (Illinois) Police Department, previously identified as the lead law enforcement investigating agency, the public has to assume that there is no activity in this case, and it grows colder and colder.

The CUE (Community Unified Effort) Center of Missing Persons has created a "Miles for Beth Bentley" search effort from its headquarters in Wilmington, N.C. You can read about it here ( and register to help search for Beth.

Many, many questions need answers - questions that can be answered; for example,

Was Beth ever really seen after the Friday night dinner/drinks at the Frosty Mug in Mount Vernon, Ill.?

Who first circulated the story about the Saturday boat rental on Rend Lake and who the riders on the boat were? Supposedly, Beth, Jenn Wyatt, Ryan Ridge, possibly Ryan's brother, Nate, and two other men were on a rental boat. The story initially seemed to have credibility; now it doesn't, because no civilian has been able to collect information to confirm the rental.

Was the story about Jenn's taking Beth to Centralia and dropping her off near the Amtrak Station really a red herring? No one has come forward to confirm it.

Why did Beth rent a car in Woodstock and park her car in Jenn's garage for the week-end?

Is the Pogue's Pizza story another red herring? The ordering time and pick-up time, if indeed it really was picked up, conflict with the travel time to/from Centralia. Another deflection?

Is the $3,000 Reward from non-CrimeStoppers' funds still in effect?

A serious local, civilian, investigation command center is needed to collect and closely examine all the facts, rumors, allegations, insinuations and post-disappearance activities of the parties with close connections to this case. Too many of the good ideas of people concerned about this case are getting lost in numerous comments on Facebook and the several message boards.

Somebody knows exactly what happened and where Beth will be found.

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FatParalegal said...

Thank you for keeping this story alive, when it seems that some people want it to go away.