Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Public comment to CALEA invited

Care to put in your 2-cents' worth regarding Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA) and the McHenry County Sheriff's Department?

Accreditation evaluators are due at MCSD on December 11.

Members of the public can telephone in their comments by calling 815-334-4298 between 2:00-4:00PM on December 13.

Or you can go in person on December 13 at 5:30PM to the Sheriff’s Department Training Room at McHenry County Government Center, 2200 N. Seminary Ave., Woodstock.

Employees also are invited to comment. That ought to be good for their job security!

Comments at the session or by phone are limited to five minutes and must address the Sheriff’s Department’s ability to comply with CALEA standards", according to a December 1st article in the Northwest Herald.

If that's the case, you might as well save your breath. How can a member of the public know anything about the "ability" of the Sheriff's Department to comply with CALEA standards?

The answer is that, Yes, it has the ability to comply. The question is, does it have the integrity or the willingness to comply? And just what are the standards as set out by the Sheriff's Department?

If you don't know that, it's pretty darned hard to comment on the Department's ability to comply.


AZ Supporter said...

Correct Gus, and I don't say that often, i.e., don't stick the public's nose in and comment on something they know nothing about. That's why there are professional investigators who check out CALEA applicants. In the past, there have been departments whom have applied, and fail to meet the standards several times, before finally passing. The public should be pleased if the sheriff's department passes-at least they'll know that there are standards to apply and follow.

Gus said...

Are any of these CALEA standards?

*Deputies will not drive drunk.
*Deputies will not get drunk in public places.
*Deputies will not give other law enforcement officers a pass on drunk driving, speeding, other traffic violations or any crimes.
*Deputies will not beat up on another deputy and prevent the injured deputy from reporting it to a local police agency.
*Deputies will not falsify crash reports to shift blame and liability away from a deputy who caused the crash.
*Deputies will not write copycat reports in major incidents.
*Supervisors will not allow copycat reports.
*All present when a deputy is injured will write full, complete, honest reports.
*Corrections Officers will not engage in inappropriate relations with inmates, colleagues or supervisors (or subordinates).
*When a citizen goes through the chain-of-command with a complaint and finally takes it to the Sheriff himself, the Sheriff will not fail to respond.

I fear that CALEA Standards will be known but ignored.

AZ Supporter said...

IF all those things were to happen, I'd guess that, Yes, there are standards that would apply. I don't believe that ALL those things have happened; I don't care what Zane has said or claimed. He has ZERO credibility

Gus said...

Every one happened!

Zane said...

That's funny, Federal Magistrate Mahoney is finding me credible.

Thousands of Republican voters found me credible.

Judge Meyer and Arbitrator Malin ruled in my favor.

I bet even Nygren's lawyers are finding me credible these days.

You know who else finds me credible but will never testify to it?

Zinke, Schmitt, Penna, Ellis, Groves, Kalenick, Patenaud and many, many more.

I did some checking, do you know how many supervisors could be held responsible for what Jones and Bruketta were doing?

Almost all of them.

That turning a blind eye thing, is going to come back to hurt a lot of people who thought they had nothing to do with this.

Notawannabee said...

Zane is a coward that does not allow comments on his own blog. True, these people will not use their own names as Zane loves to slander people as he does people that have worked hard but due to Zane lust for the limelight, he belittles their accomplishments.