Friday, December 10, 2010

Limit County Board terms?

On today Cal Skinner reports the position on term limits for County Board Chairman. The Management Services Committee of the County Board may consider Donley's viewpoint on Tuesday at 8:30AM.

Want to help persuade the Committee?

Call your County Board representative today or Monday and tell him or her what you think? Should the Chairman of the County Board be limited to two terms? Yes!!!

Here are the members of the Management Services Committee:

Chairman: Ersel Schuster
Vice Chair: Pete Merkel
Members: Yvonne M. Barnes, Paula Yensen, Kathleen Bergan Schmidt, Tina Hill, Lyn Orphal

Ask your representative's position on this issue and report it here in a comment after you call.


AZ Supporter said...

It would appear that the rest of the County Board doesn't agree with a term limit, as they are the ones who voted to re-elect Mr. Koehler to another term. Sounds to me more like "sour grapes" by Mr. Donnley, who's man wasn't chosen to be the head of the board.

Richard W Gorski, M.D. said...

I believe that a maximum of 2 to 3 terms of two years each should be the maximum served. The county board was not ment to be a career choice. I also believe they should not be compensated and have all the benefits they do have. Ask not what your county can do for you but what you can do for your county. A seat on the county board should not be an office held in perpetuity. I also believe that 9 to 12 county board members would be more than enough to take care of county business.

AZ Supporter said...

A Career? On the county board? You've got to be kidding? Given a choice by the voters, who elect the board members AND choose who runs for an office on the board, AND who can vote out or in whomever they want to represent them, it would seem to this simple mind that the VOTERS choose how many terms a board member has, and THEY should be the choosers. They COULD be wrong (i.e. The White House-in my humble opinion) or they could be correct. However, it is THEIR choice. It's called democraticy (sp).

Gus said...

Part of what you have written is correct. The voters do elect members of the County Board.

However, the voters do not elect the officers of the Board; the Board members do.

And the voters don't get to vote out someone on the Board whom they dislike. They can only suck it up and wait for the next election.

Generally, the incumbents end up with a lock on control. And that's the part with which the People disagree (but don't have the practical power to change).

Is it a democracy or a republic that we have?

AZ Supporter said...

The voters STILL can vote out whomever they want; don't want Koehler as the head of the board any more, don't vote for him next election, OR for the other board members who voted him back into the chairman seat. Just because another board member wants something other than what the other board members desire IS called democracy; majority rules. I fear this issue is just another "squeeky wheel needing grease". Garner enough people whom agree with your issue, and wait a few years and vote them out. Look what happened to Ms. Bean; close, but she still lost. If the vote is 2 to 1, and you got the one, you loose. You can either take your football and go home, or start working on the next election and try to make a change. Whinning gets NO sympathy here. Pick a popular issue (other than the one only YOU desire)and make a difference. I think the term is, "It is what it is".