Monday, December 13, 2010

Pam Fender, you're fired!

No, those aren't words from The Donald.

Last week Judge Caldwell ruled that the trustees of Grafton Township had no authority to hire Pam Fender as Township Administrator. And that the Supervisor could fire the township attorney, the law firm of Ancel Glink.

Judge Caldwell's ruling is fairly easy to read and understand, a rarity in today legal world. You can find it on Cal Skinner's and elsewhere.

It's worth reading parts of it. The trustees of Grafton Township made foolish, costly errors. Their legal advisor, the law firm of Ancel Glink, earned thousands of dollars in a war that had to end the way it did. Ancel Glink no longer represents the township, but township funds will be used to pay their huge legal bills that the trustees caused.

Grafton Township voters should boot the Supervisor and Trustees out at the next elections and start over with a clean slate. If you want to see childish behavior of elected officials, attend any Township meeting. The next one is a special meeting, coming up on Monday, December 20.

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