Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Bentley Case and Woodstock P.D.

Two area residents who have been following the Beth Bentley case very closely attended this week's Coffee with the Chief (of the Woodstock P.D.), and one had this to say about the meeting. The following is quoted with permission.

"(Another area resident) and I attended coffee with the Chief last night. First I want to clarify that this session is not just a matter of sitting around discussing things with the chief. There is a planned program and last night there were three speakers who presented information regarding drinking, drugs and other behavioral issues in the schools in Woodstock. The program lasted 90 minutes. After the program the chief was gracious enough to meet privately with (the two residents) to discuss matters concerning Beth.

"First I will say that both (of us) came away impressed with the chief. As I said, he was very gracious to meet with us and he gave us plenty of time. I think we talked with him for 30 minutes or so. He was very nice and more open than I would have expected. He was cooperative and we seriously believe that he cares about Beth and takes his sworn duty very seriously.

"Next, we came away confident that the Woodstock PD has conducted a very thorough investigation. I will say that while he didn't give us any specifics on the details of what facts they have uncovered, they have done all of the investigating that anyone and everyone has wondered if they have done. From phone records of everyone to interviews of every possible witness. Searches have been conducted and any time any female body arises anywhere in the US, they send Beth's records to those authorities.

"The chief indicated that the investigation may be shifting to the State Police. This is a great advantage as the State has the budget, resources and statewide reach that none of the village or county LE departments have.

"... did a fantastic job impressing on the chief that there are so many people that care. She described her own 20 year relationship with Beth and told him how so many people from close friends to complete strangers from all over this country are deeply concerned and greatly care about Beth and her family.

"It felt good at the end of the night. Much like my feelings after the vigil, talking and meeting someone face to face is a huge advantage as you can see and judge their sincerity. The chief is a good man and his department is doing everything they can possibly do. I am happy to have been there and I want to publicly thank (the other resident) for attending as well."

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