Sunday, December 19, 2010

October 2010 - huge jump in stolen property

Did you know that stolen property in Woodstock took a huge jump in October 2010? You didn't?

I suspect few outside the police department, and possibly including even our City Council members and Mayor, knew about this.

Just how much of a jump? The October 2010 report of the Police Department to the City Manager (and Council) states that $67,939 was reported in stolen property.

It is important to relate this to other months - something I recommended to the City Council months ago. The response was that the Council was not going to micro-manage the P.D. by examining the "numbers".

Prior to October, in the first nine months of 2010, a total of $144,448 was reported stolen; that's an average of $16,050/month.

The low month was $4,084 (February).
The high month (prior to October) was $37,656 (April).
October's stolen property was $67,939.

Woodstock residents ought to find it interesting, and helpful, to know about crime in Woodstock. Was there a crime spree? Or was one $50,000 vehicle stolen? What parts of town were hit? Commercial or residential? Buildings (houses? offices?) or vehicles?

Vandalized property also hit a high in October, with $8,450 for the month. The total for the previous nine months was $35,981, or a monthly average of $3,998.

All of these numbers are neatly tucked away in the PD's report to the City Manager. What is not there is a spreadsheet for the City Manager and the City Council to see quickly exactly what is going on in Woodstock. My opinion is that a little more micro-management is needed.
Care to read the PD's report for yourself? Go to the Woodstock Public Library, where the City Council packets are open for public inspection.

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