Friday, December 3, 2010

Blogger reports murder conspiracy

No, that's not a misprint or an error or an echo.

Go to and, as the paperboys used to shout, "READ ALL ABOUT IT."

Read about a deposition (that's a statement under oath) of a McHenry County Sheriff's Department deputy, taken on November 23, 2010.

Read about a face-to-face conversation that the blogger reports between the deputy and him. A conversation in which the deputy allegedly informed that blogger that Sheriff Keith Nygren had told him to hang the blogger and make it look like suicide.

And this deputy told the blogger that, a short time later on the same day, Nygren approached me. That would have been September 17, 2009, when Nygren pulled in alongside my car in the Jewel-Osco parking lot. That encounter was documented fully to the Woodstock Police Department on that same day, and the report is on file there. I had called immediately, and a Woodstock police officer responded within minutes. I wrote about it, and you can read it at

Read the blogger's introduction to a 3-part series that will follow, beginning today and continuing on Monday and Tuesday.

To my knowledge, I have never met the deputy who has come forward. I've been told that he has been granted immunity from prosecution. I commend him for finally speaking out.


Notawannabee said...

Did Rod Sterling write this hogwash? This is the same blogger than announce Nygren had been arrested. Gullible......

GeneL said...

Wannabee, a complete deposition under oath was given by one of your fellow deputies (and no it wasn't Zane). Why would he commit perjury if he did not have the facts, how would he benefit, the election is over. I believe there was a "wire" involved also. There will be more to come and we'll see if you still stand up for your boss. Or maybe you can be his cell mate.

Unknown said...

And this is a deputy who sings, "If I only had a brain" and confides in David Bachmann? If David Bachmann were to write on his blog that the sun would rise in the east and set in the west, I would want a second opinion. He's told us before that Nygren and others were to be arrested, that warrants were already issued. The next thing you know he's telling us that he's sorry, he really likes Nygren. The man is, in the opinion of anyone with half a lick of sense, certifiably crazy. When Jack Nicholson is going to audition for a part where he's supposed to be really nuts, he spends a day with Dave Bachmann to get into character. We keep hearing from Gus and Zane that Nygren is "Mr. Big" the Machiavelli of the 21st century yet we are told by these same people that we should believe that Nygren would actually conspire with some half wit to kill some worthless goof like Bachmann? What next? Bachmann is going to claim that he has a Master Card receipt with Nygren's signature and account number on it with the notation "2nd assassination attempt on D.B.?"

As always, the humor value of these posts is somewhat interesting. Bachmann and a few others are fortunate that we no longer drown our crazies or burn them at the stake.

Gus said...

Darth, could your "half wit" remark come back to bite you? Of course, we'd only know about it, if the Northwest Herald put "a/k/a Darth" in your obituary.

Besides, everybody knows Nygren uses VISA, not MasterCard.

Notawannabee said...


Wow the literary allusion for the “If I only had a brain” is just too funny. And is maybe far to inside of a reference for people to understand. Maybe we should announce the rest of the cast of our players.

Scare Crow…..Scott Milliman. Aside from the obvious allusion made above. I’ll leave it alone.

Tin Man…Zane Seipler. Uncaring of how he discredits honest working deputies. But with no heart it doesn’t bother him.

Cowardly Lion…who else but Gus. When the big nasty Sheriff looked at him, he shivered and called Woodstock Police.

The GREAT OZ…this is a shared honor with all the nameless anonymous posters staying behind the curtain of this blog.
I doubt Toto will be pulling the curtain on Oz in the near future.

Now we need to take auditions for the Wicked Witch and Dorothy

Thanks for the laugh Darth…..

Bounty Hunter said...

Gus, have you ever watched the movie, "Proof of Life?"

Two Americans are held prisoner in a secluded Central American mountain camp.

One guy, "acted" all insane and crazy, thus those who held him captive paid him no attention.

Suddenly one day, while nobody was watching the 'self subscribed' crazy man, used all the "INTEL" he had quietly gathered while 'acting' the crazy fool.

"The Crazy One" took down the entire camp of "Thugs" and guys who lived under really silly 'Play names' like "DARTH!"

All the "Darths" never saw him coming.

Interestingly "Darth" mentioned the word "Drown."

Uh...."Darth" must have been there?

Oh, soon enough that will come 'bubbling' up to the surface to.

Remember the guy who 'floated' up from under the icy Fox River not so long ago??

Guess who that dead man was tied to? Yea, you guessed it!

"Darth" what a lol lol I bet you're sitting on your couch in your R2 D2 lol FOOL!

Bounty Hunter said...

I told Mr. Ramirez's family way back in 2006 that I would put them away!!

Tic Tock "Darth!"

Unknown said...

Startling revelation time, Gus. Your superfluous comment "To my knowledge, I have never met the deputy who has come forward. I've been told that he has been granted immunity from prosecution." was better left unsaid. You just outed one of your sources, I think.

"Half-wit comment come back to bite me?" My obituary? Why that sounds like a threat. At least in the mind of a paranoid like you or DJB. It doesn't bother me because I know that you and Dave (One HungLo - no that's a clue, Dave, what you you doing on your couch? What are you holding? LOL!) don't have the guts to do anything other
than moan and groan about supposed conspiracies that exist in only your heads. They remain there since the tin foil you have wrapped around your skull so tightly keeps them there. I know that I have nothing to fear from you since I've sat next to you on more than one occasion as I, too, like to attend public meetings. I attend to educate myself, not, like you, to find grist for my mill so I can publish trash. And David, the same goes for you. You'd probably mess yourself if you knew who I was and how many times we were within an arm's length of each other. Neither of you have anything to fear from me, if you did, it would have been too late years ago. If you want to feel threatened, look to your own insanity and take comfort in the fact that you're doing it to yourselves. So Gus, I know you want to reveal my identity. You have all the clues you need. We've been in contact, introduced, sat next to you on at least one occasion. I do not now, nor have I ever worked for Nygren. Nor do I have wet dreams of grandeur like Bachmann but at least I know how to spell the name of "my highly placed source into whose eyes I've looked..." It's M-i-l-l-i-m-a-n you goof. One more strike to your credibility unless you want to consider a letter of immunity from the FBI. They cannot and do not issue those you fool!

So Gus when you figure out who I am, stop by and we'll have a drink together. I like my coffee strong and black. How do you take your Prozac? Like Dave, with a shot of Tequila?

Darth won't be around here any longer. He's running off to join the FBI, CIA, DEA and the Tri-Lateral Commission before Dave Bachmann grabs up all the good jobs.

Phillip said...

First Gus makes some reference to Darth being in the OBITS then---

"One HungLo" says "Oh, soon enough that will come 'bubbling' up to the surface to.....Remember the guy who 'floated' up from under the icy Fox River not so long ago?"

Maybe Darth should be calling Woodstock PD? Sounds like "One HungLo" (DB) is doing some theatening of his own...maybe even Gus.

Gus said...

Nice try, Chet, but you misread the article. I suggest you re-read it.

By Darth's calling the deputy a half-wit, he may have called unnecessary attention to himself that could come back to bite him. So he should, perhaps, be worried about repercussions from that person, certainly not from the other commenter or me.

And the body under the ice in the Fox River? Do you know the story and the connections?

Phillip said...

Actually NO. I never heard of any body in the FOX. Snowmobile with drowning a few years ago, but I don't have a clue about some body.

But Seriously said...

I don't know I've read it again, and it certainly can be construed that "One Hunglo" may be threatening someone. You think people who look so hard to find a conspiracy everyhere would be a bit more careful with there wording. The implication that some here assume they know details about an anynomous poster and then refer to his Obituary, drowning, and his time running out is at very least troubling.

Gus said...

But Seriously, you are definitely twisting and stretching what was written.

Dee said...

If I were someone that had a blogger say they knew details about me as an anonymous poster and then referred to myself in an obituary, speaking of a weirdly phrased drowning, and time running out would have me thinking it was a threat.

If the tables were turned and some posted something naming Gus instead of Darth, I think the police would already be writing the report.

For some strange reason I think Gus and Darth know each other. Maybe woman’s intuition.

Gus said...

Dorothy, thank you for your comment here. I believe it's your first.

May I invite you to go back and read the article again, along with the several comments that are totally off-track? I think you'll be able to figure out why your comment doesn't follow the line of the article.

You have more confidence in the police than I do about any matter involving me. I could rattle off a half-dozen incidents where they have attempted to blow off reports from me, but I won't (again).

FYI, Darth may know me, but I don't have a clue who Darth is. Nor do I care.

Phillip said...

You said

Darth, could your "half wit" remark come back to bite you? Of course, we'd only know about it, if the Northwest Herald put "a/k/a Darth" in your obituary.

Why the reference to an obituary?

Please explain the Fox River incident. Was it rhetorical or are you going to explain it?

If you say you haven't met the deputy" I presume Milliman. Then you say you say Darth may know me, but I don't have a clue who Darth is. Nor do I care.

I'm confused. If you don't know Darth why the reference to the Obit?

OK I'm done, but still confused.

Gus said...

OK, Chet, let me try to "un-confuse" you.

If Someone were suspected a being a hitman and then Darth called that Someone a half-wit, what would Someone have to lose by not rubbing out Darth if he decided to? And making it look like an accident, so that suspicion would not fall on that Someone.

The Fox River death? I'm working on getting the name. When I get it, it'll be here.

But Seriously said...

So following this link seems a bit like reading the ramblings someone gradually slipping off medication and losing grip with reality.

Is this guy really now saying that somehow the Sheriff, Deputies, a local hospitals emergency room staff, Sieplers attorney, DCFS...along with many others...are all involved in covering up obvious child abuse and only the blogger wants to see kids safe? Really?