Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Read MCSDExposed today

I urge all readers to go now to MCSD Exposed and read Zane Seipler's article that is posted there. How to get there?

Zane writes about some of the things that might come to haunt some of the folks at the McHenry County Sheriff's Department.

And his article today includes this sentence, "Almost everything Gus, Cal (Skinner)and Dave (Bachmann) write about are based on fact."

Read it for yourself. Read about conspiracy, cover-up, deception, incompetency, fear, bribery.

Zane apparently has concerns about his own safety and that of his family, because he mentions arrangements for information to reach the media, should significant harm befall them.

It's tough being a whistleblower. Fortunately for the great majority of McHenry County residents, Zane is tough.

Cal Skinner writes McHenry County Blog at

Dave Bachmann writes Dirty Keith vs. Dirty Harry at You'll have to check that site periodically, because information is posted, then removed, and then more information is posted and removed. Don't be misled by the "blog not found" message; just check back another time.


But Seriously said...

I read this at your recommendation, but in reality it seems to be a rambling diatribe with lots of innuendo but absolutely no fact. The guy is definitely paranoid but does not really offer up any facts to support if it's justifiable or delusional.

AZ Supporter said...

But Seriously hits the nail on the head!! Considering that Zane has a lawsuit against MCSO, it stands to reason that he would try and rally the troops behind him with nothing but his big mouth (so far), and promised relevations of wrong doing to come in the future. Still sounds like a child who got spanked calling DCFS to complain about it.

Gus said...

The back story hasn't hit the fan yet. It would certainly be nice if everything happened at a faster pace.

What's more than "interesting" is something that happened just before Nygren pulled up next to my car in the Jewel-Osco parking lot. He knows where he was; others know.

I'll tell you this - I am so glad that I reported it to Woodstock P.D. AND required the responding officer to give me a Report Number. What happened, and my reaction, is all on the record as of that date, Sept. 17, 2009.

Keep this date in mind. It is very likely to turn out to be extremely important.

Notawannabee said...

Oh Gus I just a flutter with anticipation. Seems you already went over the entire story back in Sept 2009 and the months following. You already said where he was prior and where you were prior which actually lead me to thing you were stalking him.

So know there are three that think Zane is credible. You, Dave and Zane. The man is one of the most disliked and distrusted people in the history of the county. Your circle of associates are the misfits that should be selling shoes, not playing cop, and that’s a unfair slam at shoe salesman.

Toa said...

But it still seems that all this is reported by Zane, an admitted liar, and corroborated by Dave Bachmann who has zero credibility due to his unsupported crazy rantings. The two of them turn around then say they have instant credibility because you and Cal Skinner report what they say. As Clara used to say "where's the beef?"

Gus said...

Nota, help me here. How was I possibly stalking Nygren?

I drove from MCC to the Jewel-Osco parking lot and stopped in a parking space well out from the front of the building.

Nygren drove up and pulled in alongside my car.

Did you mean to write that now you do understand that Nygren was stalking me?

But Seriously said...

Well I suppose we will continue to wait for the big reveal we keep being promised. Just don't get why we have been waiting for a few years now.

AZ Supporter said...

Yes, STILL waiting for that HUGE MONDAY reveal from about a month ago about all this Jewel parking lot threat- that one, and the reveal that the sun does actually revolve around the earth, are coming to a theather near you soon!