Sunday, December 5, 2010

C.L. Park District - bad boys in the County!

Can you imagine the gall of the Commissioners of the Crystal Lake Park District? How could they do such a thing? How dare they? Don't they realize the havoc they will generate among their resident members? And the turmoil they will create among all taxing bodies in McHenry County?

What could provoke them to act in such a reckless manner???

What did they do?

According to Saturday's Town Crier (, the Crystal Lake Park District has lowered taxes for the coming year. Lowered them! Imagine that.

The anticipated taxes?

The 2008 levy totaled $6,561,495 on a tax rate of .346310.
The 2009 levy totaled $6,605,915 with a tax rate of .351904.
The 2010 levy will be $5,863,000 for the Fiscal Year May 1, 2011 to April 30, 2012.

What a dastardly act! The Board members, who will remain unnamed here, will probably have a hard time showing their faces around McHenry County.

Hopefully, residents will turn out at the next board meeting to let the Commissioners know how they really feel about this action!

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mark beeson said...

It's a start!!!!!!!!!!!!!!