Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Merit Commission terms - sometimes short

My attention was drawn to the webpage for the McHenry County Sheriff's Department Merit Commission recently. Five members of the community serve, and the current Commission has not had a fresh face in eight years.

The current members are:

Janelle Crowley, Chair (since 05/17/94)
Patrick McAndrews (since 8/3/99)
Gloria Urch (since 4/1/01)
Bill Mack (since 8/20/02)
Brian Goode (since 8/20/02)

Profiles for three of the commissioners can be viewed at www.co.mchenry.il.us/departments/sheriff/Pages/MComm.aspx

Profiles for Bill Mack and Brian Goode are noticeably absent from the webpage. One would think that in eight years somebody at the Sheriff's Department ought to be able to collect a few details and post them. Wouldn't you think?

Oh, yes; the shortest term? Alvin Querhammer served from "18 May 1993" to "1 May 1993." How did he do that? (He must have been well-liked, because he served again from "1 Apr 1994"to "1 Apr 2000".)

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