Friday, December 24, 2010

Another deputy on the outs

Deputy Scott Milliman has, according to several sources, been placed on administrative leave by the McHenry County Sheriff's Department. For details, read Scroll down past the part about a Federal Court hearing in Rockford this week, although you'll want to read that, too.

I don't know Scott. He and I have not spoken. However, I have been listening to rumors, and I don't like what I am hearing. A 15-year deputy, Scott was apparently on what I will call the "A-Team". He was among the favored few (not so few?) at MCSD.

What I do like to hear is that Scott may have had enough.

I'd like to meet Scott. It can be privately and confidentially. It has been attributed to him that he met with Sheriff Nygren shortly before Nygren pulled in alongside my car in the Jewel-Osco parking lot in Woodstock. If that's true and for the purpose I've heard, then my prompt report to the Woodstock Police Department was even more important that day.

If you know Scott, please pass this along to him.


Notawannabee said...

Once again there is nothing on the link you provided. Once again, Diabolical Dave has hit and run. Posts then retracts his snippets of garbage. Go back a couple weeks and read the rambling fairytales regarding Bachmann's blog. Remember the alleged immunity offered to Scott Milliman by the FBI and this alleged big “hit” supposedly being set up by Nygren...? Where's the big arrest? I'm still waiting. I think Dave must have popped back down into the rabbit hole. “Me thinks” Gus is too gullible.

Gus said...

Nota, I would guess that you have not read the 48-page transcript of a hearing in Federal Court in Rockford on December 15.

I have.

Bounty Hunter said...

Yes Gus, again, I 'charmed' a Federal Judge and two lawyers to act as my 'ghost writers.'

This time, they wrote 48 full pages of fiction just so I could post it to tease this person who seemingly trolls the blogs and pretends to know what is really going on.

Im amazed you waste your time posting 'its' silly unfounded comments. Obviously, 'it' is an outsider who only wishes he was 'in the know.'

You obviously do not know police work above the level of a local village idot.

You seemingly skip the 'foreplay' whatever your name is, 'coward.'

I am enjoying the 'game' and seeing how I frustrate you to a point of mental orgasm.

Just knowing you're 'frothing' at the mouth makes it all worth while.

The good news Gus, is that out of all the many, many readers you have, only one or two, the same ones, comment with the same material.

Get a blog and tell us how it really is "Notawannabee." You're such a tease!

Merry Christmas.

Steve said...

Wow! I just looked at that site you quoted. Nota it's up again and it's amazing! What? 48 pages of transcript and somebody cherry picks at couple - perhaps five or six pages - and publishes it. Reading even that it appears that the sole source of information is one guy, this Millman and though he swears on a stack of bibles, it's still his word and accusations of some of the craziest stuff I've heard yet. You miss a lot in a written transcript, I'm sure, but even in this cherry picked version meant, obviously to put Millman's accusations in the very best light, the judge's incredulity shows through as does Horowitz's tap dancing and backing away from it. The undercurrent is pretty much "well that's what he says, Judge."

And to drag Judge Conrad Floeter into this? Shameful! Judge Floeter died in 2001 and was retired in 1996. Millman just starting when the judge was retiring, before Nygren was Sheriff - wasn't it. Political opponent? What is he drinking?

Bounty Hunter said...

It takes an unbelievable amount of time to copy, past and then remove the paragraph numbers from the page, then separate out the paragraphs.

I did state "Part 1" Much of the other pages (12-48) talks about 2 Deputies and illegal tickets, didnt sound so good as well either.

Other pages go deeper into Jose Rivera.

I think folks have to remember, supplying you with this information is NOT our job, we are not paid, and its a Holiday.

The cost to get the trans was 232.00 on top of it all.

Don't shoot the messenger. I provided a service by giving you information. I didnt write it, just supplied the docs..

There is no "Cherry Picking" the pages are in order with the exception of one page that had nothing except a schedueling issue.

Every page that is posted is very time consuming.

Maybe a "Thank You" for letting us know what has been going on is in order?

Try getting your local papers to provide you with this kind of material?

Whatever the truth is, I beleive citizens have a right to know what is out there going on.

I didn't bring Judge Floater up, I reported what was stated to me. I knew the family very well so it took me for a loop as well.

So, what do you think should be the 'cut off date' to report what is told about a persons criminal activity?

If this is true, should Nygren be given a 'pass' for sins comitted going back to 'when?'

Im always amazed at the statements some of you make.

Any further angry questions you have, Call Nygren...

What I posted were the FIRST 11 pages from 1-11 and it took hours.

Now you guys can pay the 232.00 and finish the rest for yourself.

I will agree with you on one point..I have no idea about any of this other than it is truly bizarre indeed!

The strict liability on all this rests solely upon the shoulders of the McHenry County Sheriffs Department.

It starts there, and seemingly now, ends there!! This proves this fact!

Steve said...

It IS bizarre and incredible and you making statements about strict liability when you apparently haven't the vaguest idea of what the term means does nothing... absolutely nothing, to clear the matter up. It appears from all your blathering that you and Gus take whatever Zane Seipler and now Millman say as gospel. No matter how rational or irrational it seems, if it comes from their mouth it's the truth. Sorry, but the unsubstantiated crap they they are alleging simply could not have occurred and my money says that very little of it will ever be proven. I'm not saying that there aren't some questionable things going on, but c'mon. Some of this stuff is like the old Don Adams routine, "well, then, would you believe...?" The answer is quite simply, "No!" This latest twist and somehow I don't think this is coming from the newest boy wonder, Millman - but I'll reserve final judgment on that until I read the full transcript on Cal's blog - that Nygren & Co are the brains behind some massive alien smuggling ring is nothing short of insane and likely comes from One HungLo's bottomless well of insanity. We'll see, I guess but smuggling illegals, Mexican's to boot, into McHenry County? That's like bringing coals to Newcastle. What's the point. Word is that the illegal alien population is actually decreasing since the job market sucks so bad here in Illinois and other metro areas. What next? They're smuggling them in and keeping them under lock & key at Stone Lake? Letting them out during the day in a chain gang to work at the local Mexican market in Crystal Lake? I'll ask again, what the hell are you drinking, smoking, snorting, huffing or injecting? Whatever it is, you can quit anytime. You've gone so far around the bend, you're never coming back.

AZ Supporter said...

I thought I'd heard that Milliman had once lived in McCullom Lake and was a party in the lawsuit against Rohm & Hass because he had contracted brain cancer.Didn't he have to have brain surgery and had been off of work for a long time recovering? Sure hope it hasn't returned and that that is why he is off again. Could it also be responsible for some of his thoughts and accounts of conversations he may or may not have had with people?
I have CA, and wouldn't wish it on anybody known to me or not.

Bounty Hunter said...

Steve, "Strict Liability" in the context of which I applied, is perfectly suited to this case.

I KNOW, the defense for Nygren will travel upon a path of whether or not Deputy Milliman has 'Mental" issues. He seemed perfectly fine to me and to the other 10 or so other law men he has spoken to.

Fact is, you can all speculate all day long, and I understand and support your right to your thoughts on this.

AZ, I too am a cancer survivor and I pray Deputy Milliman is not ill. I can tell you, he is not mentally ill. What he is, is a man who has been at Keith Nygrens side for years and years and years.

There is much more to all this than has yet to come out. But, its going to.

But, I will tell anybody, there are VERY FEW who know the ENTIRE story here.

For Steve, "Strict Liablity" in the Criminal law sense follows. Notice the last sentence! Again, I am correct. You obviously are not a "Criminal Law" attorney. Your interpritation of "Strict Liability" in a "Civil" context would be correct. But we are in a "Criminal Arena" here.

Criminal law
Main article: Strict liability (criminal)
The concept of strict liability is also found in criminal law, though the same or similar concept may appear in contexts where the term itself is not used. Strict liability often applies to vehicular traffic offenses. In a speeding case, for example, whether the defendant knew he or she was exceeding the posted speed limit is irrelevant. The prosecutor would need only prove that the defendant was indeed operating the vehicle in excess of the speed limit.

****Strict liability laws can also prevent defendants from raising diminished mental capacity defenses*** - since intent does not need to be proven