Monday, December 20, 2010

Funny business with tonight's Grafton meeting

An important question should be raised at tonight's Grafton Township meeting, but the roads look too bad for me to try to get there.

There is some "funny business" going on with the location of tonight's meeting.

My recollection of the location for tonight's meeting is that it was first announced for the Township Office on Vine Street, and that's how I wrote my first article this morning.

Supervisor Linda Moore was nice enough to call me this morning and inform me that the meeting location was actually to be at the Huntley Park District on Mill Street. I checked the Agenda and, as I recall, it stated the meeting location was at the Park District on Mill Street; so I changed my article.

The notice on the homepage did not carry the location first thing this morning, but the homepage was to be updated.

About 6:30PM Supervisor Moore called me, when she realized that the meeting would be at the Park District. And, sure enough, both the announcement on the homepage at and on the Agenda now show the location as at the Township office.

But.... BUT.... (and this is a huge "BUT") the map linked to the announcement on the homepage still shows the Park District and its address at 12015 Mill Street, Huntley.

So whoever was fooling around with a last-minute swap in location neglected to change the link to the map. Who has the sticky fingers in Grafton Township and has access to the website? Is this more tomfoolery in the squabble between the Trustees and the Supervisor?

Judge Caldwell ruled that, while both the Supervisor and the Trustees might prepare agendas for a meeting, they ought to vote at the meeting on what business was to be conducted.

I understand that the roads are treacherous and going to tonight's meeting in Huntley is just not essential for me. Read and later tonight or on Tuesday for articles about tonight's Grafton Township Special Meeting.

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Maybe it was just an oversight...